March 29, 2011 08:02 ET

The Invasion of Quebec City at One's Fingertips

uGene delivers the first Red Bull Crashed Ice iPhone app, Red Bull Crashed Ice INVASION, developed entirely in Quebec City

QUEBEC CITY, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - March 29, 2011) -

Editors note: A video is included with this press release on Marketwire's website.

The very first Red Bull Crashed Ice iPhone app has significantly contributed to the unmatched success of the sixth edition of 2011 Red Bull Crashed Ice World Championship finale, which was held on Saturday March 19th.

The INVASION app quickly generated interest among locals and visitors alike ; less than two weeks after the app hit the iTunes app store, it was ranked the second most popular Canadian sports app. There were more than 6,200 downloads before the race, with more than 50% on race day.

The uGene urban intelligence agency developed the concept for this mobile app, which also represents the agency's first assignment since its recent launch. One of the strong assets of the firm is its innovative concept that combines the "DNA extract" of a given city with the unique perspective of a lifestyle brand, making this information available on mobile and/or online platforms and thereby enriching the user's urban experience thanks to content delivered by a brand he trusts.

The application has been developed with the close support of Red Bull Canada, who wished to offer Red Bull Crashed Ice fans a real urban experience through their mobiles. "The idea was to offer them much more than a simple application that only features an athlete database or race results", says uGene President Jean-Sébastien Noël.

Several agencies and enterprises based in Quebec city have significantly contributed to the crucial success of this first launch: while Mirego developed the mobile technology, Fokus Productions, SAGAFILM Productions and Studio Élément co-produced the promotional video that was broadcast on giant screens during the race, at Jean-Lesage international airport in both terminals as well as on social networks in the days leading to the event.

The Red Bull Crashed Ice INVASION iPhone app has delivered fans everything they need to know about the sport, as well as an interactive guide on how to rock the walls of Old Quebec, thereby enriching their urban experience.

The app contains valuable insights about every bar, restaurant and hotel to give the user a true taste of Quebec City, the Red Bull way. For instance, a user keen to go for a bite or a drink with a certain vibe, the right crowd, close to his hotel, and with no dress code would find the most appropriate venue via the app.

On top of delivering quality content on the city's trendiest bars, restaurants, hotels,boutiques, and sports resorts thanks to a personalized search engine, iPhone users can also use the augmented reality function to better identify the most suitable venues around them.

The app also makes suggestions of "ultimate experience" packages based on culinary, cultural, outdoor or nightlife themes, such as Polar Action or Urban Crash,that propose a range of activities to enable Red Bull Crashed Ice fans to live a truly unique experience around the event.

The connection to social media also bridges the gap between the offline and online worlds. "Thanks to the integration with Facebook, the user can spread the invasion and follow in their friends' footsteps while they check-in at several venues across the city", says uGene President Jean-Sébastien Noël. They could even notify their presence at major locations along the track during the race!

It goes without saying that Red Bull Crashed Ice fans had in hand the ideal tool to know everything about the race: from the athlete profiles to the event schedule and a map of the track, the application also displayed results in real time as well as a Twitter live feed that displayed all related tweets as they were being published.

The INVASION generated by uGene does not end with Red Bull Crashed Ice: the company is currently in talks with several enterprises and organisations to discuss the possibility of adapting the concept to other events and other cities in Canada and beyond.

About uGene

uGene is a mobile and web 2.0 concierge based in Quebec city that partners up with local and global companies and organisations to offer them multi-faceted, tailor-made solutions. The agency is specialised in urban intelligence, a concept that consists of gathering the "DNA" of a brand's different points of sale, affiliated establishments and sponsored events, to depict the portrait of a given city from the brand's unique perspective. The urban intelligence concept thereby allows companies to strengthen the loyalty of both their points of sale and clientele, while enriching the user's urban experience. 

While the urban intelligence is freely accessible through smartphones, certain signature activities and packages are bookable directly through the BLLU CARPET reservation system, a uGene product that allows users to reserve at their fingertips and in real time these exclusive activities so that they can explore a city in a unique way and on their own terms.

Beyond a simple mobile app, uGene proposes complete launch concepts with promotion strategies and organic marketing initiatives, for a tailor-made solution that answers each company's specific needs.

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