Sandi Gale - Money Strategist

July 02, 2008 10:33 ET

The lack of money is never about money

Thoughts, not money are the true capital

Attention: Business/Financial Editor, Lifestyle Editor, News Editor TORONTO, ONTARIO, MEDIA RELEASE--(Marketwire - July 2, 2008) - Obtaining financial wealth starts by understanding that the concept of rags to riches is not just a dream, but merely a change in what you believe about money.

Most believe that the road to financial independence is to buy a home, pay off the mortgage, and then retire. Common knowledge seems to dictate that by not having a mortgage to pay during retirement, living in one's home will be affordable and virtually worry free. But what happens when taxes increase to the point that they're larger than the average mortgage payment? Or what happens if the cost-of-living, as evidenced by the recent surge in oil and produce costs, rises faster than a person's pension?

It's obvious, but what seemed to work for our parents and grandparents is doubtful to work for this generation. A change in beliefs about money is in order.

For instance, a home is commonly referred to as an asset, but what if something's only considered an asset where the revenue exceeds its expenses?

"People tend to think of financial planning in terms of retirement, but a good planner can help you pay for a home, a vacation, or whatever is important to you," says Sandi Gale, one of Toronto's leading independent money strategists . "Money should be fun."

Someone once said, "If wealth is the product of one's capacity to think: then thoughts, not money are the true capital."

"I studied the psychology of money five times before I got it. I looked into my own limiting beliefs around money and I realized that I had allowed the traumas in my life to limit my abilities to make money," explains Sandi. "A willingness to look at new things such as nontraditional philosophies, while not disregarding traditional methods can open up unlimited possibilities."

Believing that money is simply energy, Sandi has helped her clients learn to invoke various alternative and non-traditional learning models to un-block the flow of energy, increase prosperity in their lives and create an individual wealth identity.

"I had this friend who would focus on her debts all the time, and as a result was always in debt," tells Gale. "I finally convinced her to focus on saving, and to give me a plastic bag full of loonies and toonies every month to put in an account for her. While not financially independent yet, she's retired and still young with a whole new belief system about obtaining financial wealth. It doesn't have to be painful."

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