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emFAST Inc.
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November 09, 2010 14:29 ET

The Latest Addition to the FACSys® Family of Products

FACSys® DM Powered by Intact SMART™

BRIDGEWATER, NEW JERSEY--(Marketwire - Nov. 9, 2010) - emFAST Inc., a pioneer in network fax messaging, and InfoDynamics Inc., a leader in progressive software application development, are pleased to announce the release of the latest evolution of the popular FACSys® appliance product line – FACSys® DM – a network fax appliance with built-in feature-rich document management capabilities.

emFAST and InfoDynamics have combined the robust fax/messaging capabilities of FACSys® with Intact SMART™ – powerful, feature-rich and easy-to-use document management software – to produce a solution that is easily adaptable to meet business requirements for document management.

Key FACSys® DM Features:

  • Scalable from ten to thousands of users
  • Seamless integration with existing production systems
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft® Office applications including Microsoft® Outlook
  • FACSys® Active Fax Messaging/Software Development Kit (AFM/SDK) is the leading open source development kit on the market for fax enabling applications
  • Simplified user management through integrating with Microsoft® Active Directory Services
  • Integrated with major MFPs, document management systems, smartphones and much more through the FACSys® family of connectors

"FACSys® DM has been developed in collaboration with InfoDynamics to integrate the best fax messaging/routing features of FACSys® with the content management capabilities of Intact SMART™," said Peter Valier, FACSys® Product Manager, emFAST Inc. "Customers who require a comprehensive fax/routing solution integrated with a document management feature are now presented with a cost-effective and reliable alternative to current market offerings."

About emFAST Inc.

emFAST Inc., publisher of the FACSys® Fax/Routing Suite of Products, is an industry pioneer in network fax communication. emFAST has enhanced fax messaging from a simple document transport mechanism into an indispensible business tool that fully integrates into critical areas requiring communication capabilities, including unified communications, business process workflows, multi-function peripheral devices and major Enterprise Content Management and Resource Planning systems. Through the development of strategic alliances with leading technology partners such as InfoDynamics Inc., emFAST continues to provide cost-effective and cost-saving fax/messaging solutions for the office environment. For more information please visit www.emfast.com.

About InfoDynamics Inc.

Founded in 1989, InfoDynamics is a successful software development company located in Indianapolis, Indiana. InfoDynamics services clients throughout North America with several commercial products that provide document and process management. Intact SMART is the marquee product among a line of applications known for intuitive interfaces, enterprise functionality and exceptional value. In addition to document and process management, InfoDynamics provides web based applications and seamless integration with multi-function devices, handhelds and core business applications including accounting, ERP and medical record systems. Additional information about InfoDynamics is available at www.infodynamics.com

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