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December 19, 2016 11:14 ET

The Laundromat Sector According to Speed Queen

BARCELONA, SPAIN--(Marketwired - Dec 19, 2016) -  Speed Queen is the American leader in the laundromat business. The centenary brand reveals to us the success of its laundromats around the world. France and the rest of Europe are particularly receptive to the Speed Queen concept stores.

What exactly is a laundromat?
A laundromat is a place where people do their washing. Sometimes, they are open to the general public, in which case we call them laundromats or self-service laundries, or else they can be owned by firms specializing in laundry, when they are known as laundries, a place where laundry may also be bleached and ironed. If the laundry is located inside a hospital or a hotel, we refer to it as a laundry room. Laundry room also refers to the dedicated space in a household set aside for washing. This is the difference between laundry and laundry room.

Whether we are talking of a laundromat, a laundry room or a self-service laundry, these facilities will all be equipped with industrial cleaning units (washing machines) and professional drying units (dryers) with varying degrees of capacity. In fact, the load capacity is one of the things that distinguishes them from ordinary, household products: whilst a domestic washing machine can handle loads of between 5 and 7 kg, a professional machine can take up to 25 kg of washing.

The success of laundromats
The laundromat sector is a growing one (especially in France) for a very simple reason: the demand just keeps on increasing. At a time when every household includes a washing machine, what is the reason for the boom in laundromats?

The reason lies, first and foremost, with the demand: not everyone has a washing machine and in some households a deliberate decision is taken to use the services of a laundry in order to save time and cut costs. In a laundry, you can wash up to 25 kg of linen in no time at all, with the added benefit of a professional result. On top of this, some items, such as duvets, are just too large to be washed in a domestic washing machine.

Lastly, another reason the laundromat sector continues to do so well is because opening a laundry is profitable and so it attracts investors. The capital outlay required is fairly small, the running costs, both fixed and variable, are reasonable, there are no staff costs, no risks from non-payers and rapid returns on investment. You can even open a laundry through a franchise, thus reducing even further the financial and business risks involved.

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