April 04, 2014 17:29 ET

The Leading Call Center Software Providers of the Year, Announced by

PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwired - Apr 4, 2014) - For companies who receive vast amounts of incoming calls every day, the quality of the call center software they use can either hinder or improve their success immensely. Digital phone systems that use cloud-based technology are able to transmit signals faster and provide clearer and smoother communications. Because of the easy accessibility of the web, call center software providers who use internet technology are also able to offer boosting features and add-ons at an affordable price. Those at have researched and analyzed a handful of different call center software providers in order to determine the best in the business. Among the leading providers are: 8x8 Inc., SafeSoft Solutions,, and 3CLogic.

8x8 Inc.

8x8 Inc. is the leading call center software provider in the market. This provider continuously receives high customer ratings, as they set clients up with solutions that are built to last. As the number one provider, 8x8 Inc. provides client-oriented call center software that lets businesses customize their 8x8 package in order to fit their needs perfectly. Using advanced cloud technology, the contact center comes with speedy setup and implementation so that businesses can get started with the software immediately. No hardware necessary, this clutter-free program lets companies further integrate excellent CRM with secure and protected data files. With a PCI and CPNI compliant system, the privacy standards on the 8x8 software is uncomparable. 8x8 Inc. is a global company, so customers from all over the world use and enjoy the service they receive. Easy installation and accessibility, any and all can figure out the 8x8 system and properly access the right reports, information and tools.

SafeSoft Solutions

SafeSoft Solutions is the runner up as the leading call center software providers according to Customers give SafeSoft high ratings, mostly in part to the fact that sales tend to increase with the purchase of SafeSoft software. Some companies even increase their sales by 400% thanks to the extremely helpful predictive dialer function included as one of the boosting features in the SafeSoft package. Other useful aspects of their package deal include a Market Dialer which is accessible at any place and time by users as long as a headset, computer and internet is also accessible. This cloud-based system creates clear calls, secure lines, and easy call management for clients. With a technical support line available 24/7, customers are able to enjoy the hands-on support of the SafeSoft Solutions team. Payment options are also super flexible, including a pay-as-you-go payment model.

This call center software provider is one of the leading providers of 2014 due to being the fastest solution in the telecom market. has ranked as one of the top call center software providers because customers rave about the pay-as-you-go monthly payment option that lets growing businesses pay less while still receive ample call center solutions. One of the highlights of is that users are able to connect to Amazon S3 to maximize storage space. This non-mandatory, but useful tool allows customers to store recordings, voicemails and faxes in the Amazon S3 cloud system. guarantees a high-performance database and a scalable system structure so that all businesses can use this provider to the benefit them the most.

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