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The Leading Residential Hosted PBX Providers of 2014, Ranked by

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Mar 27, 2014) - A hosted PBX is a public branch exchange that uses cloud-based technology to transmit calls rather than using analog traditional phones. By using the Internet as a means of telecommuting, this digital technology allows users to make calls that are clearer and smoother than over a traditional phone. The easy accessibility of the internet has made it possible for residential hosted PBX providers to support clients with affordable package prices and provide free features that are usually additional with traditional phone services. With so many competing residential hosted PBX and VoIP providers, the experts at took some time to compare and analyze different aspects of companies to come up with the best providers of the year. After looking at customer satisfaction, add-ons, care packages, cost, efficiency and scalability, the experts at have ranked ITP, Phone Power, and VoIPo as the best residential hosted PBX providers.


ITP is ranked the number one leading residential hosted PBX providers for a number of reason. With a basic metered plan for under 3 cents a minute, households and small businesses trust and love the service provided by ITP. Residential users are known to have saved amazing amounts on their phone bill when switching from a traditional phone line to ITP. ITP also offers incentives to get clients started on their service with a 2 month free trial for users. With purchase, customers also receive a complimentary VoIP phone adapter. Customers are thankful for the customizable package deals that mold to fit their personal telecommuting needs. Some of the features ITP provide all residential hosted PBX clients are scalable unlimited plans, with no binding contract. And even without the contract, customers receive perks when they use more of the service. Customers using more than 20 lines on the same ITP plan will receive a 25% discount up front. Other exciting features include: a phone adapter included in the service plan, various unlimited international calling packages, and their service is customized for international countries that are called the most frequently. The ITP technical help line is open 24/7 to help you maintain quality communications at any hour.

Phone Power

Phone Power is one of the leading residential hosted PBX providers of 2014 mostly due to their high rates of customer satisfaction. Phone Power has astounding reviews from users of their services because Phone Power has a wide range of package options for varying sizes of household and businesses that demand different features. Also, Phone power gives clients the option between a long-term contract with low rates or a monthly contract that is also affordable. For those using to purchase Phone Power, Phone Power offers a special of $5.99 a month for service. In addition to these low rates Phone Power also includes a free adapter with service and a free second line. Coming standard with their service, Phone power has other vibrant features like: additional equipment, 60 minutes of international calling and straight-to-the-point calling options, giving all clients virtually unlimited calls.


VoIPo provides users a simple package plan that is both affordable and easy to use. Their straight-forward plan provides very slight differences between residential and business hosted PBX services. Households and small businesses alike all cost $15 for a monthly contract or $8.25 a month for a yearly contract -- letting customers decide what works best for them. Some of VoIPo's features include unlimited calls to the US and Canada, one free hour of international calling, and a fair use limit of 5,000 minutes.

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