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June 10, 2010 08:00 ET

The Lighting Quotient Introduces Its First LED Architectural Lighting Fixture

New Fraqtir™ Optical Technology Builds Upon the Elliptipar™ Legacy of Innovation

MIAMI, FL--(Marketwire - June 10, 2010) - Today, The Lighting Quotient establishes its presence as a manufacturer of LED lighting fixtures, demonstrating the viability and power of LED lighting for architectural applications. The concealed cove fixture, developed with the company's fraqtir optical technology, throws a clean, even and warm wash of white light in an asymmetric pattern that has not previously been possible to achieve with LEDs.

Shown at the 2010 annual conference of the American Institute of Architects, The Lighting Quotient's first foray into designing and manufacturing LED luminaires will feature the latest Philips Lumileds LUXEON Rebel emitters with advanced Lumiramic phosphor technology. The latest generation of LUXEON Rebel LEDs provides crisp warm white light with greater color consistency and higher efficacy, enabling a new level in LED luminaire performance.

"LED technology, to a certain extent, is still in its infancy stage and is just getting to the point where we can harness real effectiveness," says Allison Schieffelin, Chairman and CEO, The Lighting Quotient. "At The Lighting Quotient, we've been waiting for the right time to demonstrate our design abilities using LED light sources. Previously, the uneven light output and life span was not up to our standards. That's changing now and we're ready to show a new way to leverage LED sources and create incredible results."

At the heart of the fraqtir technology is a proprietary optic that combines principles of refraction and total internal reflection to create an asymmetric distribution of light that illuminates the target surface (U.S. and foreign patents pending). A unique diffusing media enhances the lateral light distribution and obscures images of the individual emitters without compromising the asymmetric performance. The result is an evenly illuminated surface of uniform color that is free of scallops, striations and unwanted glare. 

The fraqtir luminaires feature an impact-resistant acrylic cover lens and extruded aluminum heat sink (housing). The optical housings can be interlocked together in continuous rows to aim as one. Aiming is adjustable and lockable. High efficiency drivers can be remotely mounted or integral to the luminaire, with dimming optional. The two-piece heat sink features a light engine assembly that can be removed for service or upgrade.

The extruded aluminum heat sink was designed specifically to conquer the thermal challenge of tight spaces and elevated ambient temperatures inherent in architectural cove lighting applications. Heat is conducted away from the removable light engine assembly to the outer housing extrusion, where an emissive coating promotes free convection and ensures long life, excellent lumen maintenance and color consistency of the LED emitters. 

Given the varied, and often contradictory information available regarding LEDs, The Lighting Quotient supports the continuous improvement of LED product quality. As such, the company has taken the Lighting Facts Pledge as part of the SSL Quality Advocates program, created by the Department of Energy to establish transparency and truthfulness throughout the SSL supply chain. Independent LM-79-08 and spectroradiometric test results are available upon request.

The Lighting Quotient begins shipping the fraqtir cove fixture in September and is currently accepting first order entries. Pricing is available on request. New LED fixtures for other applications will follow in the coming months, including wall washing and stack lighting.

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