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June 01, 2006 09:17 ET

The Linley Group Seminar: Emerging Trends in High-Speed Interconnect Design

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- June 1, 2006 -- On June 14, The Linley Group continues its Linley Tech seminar series with a free one-day event on High-Speed Interconnects and Switch Fabrics featuring technical presentations from leading suppliers including AMCC, Freescale, StarGen, PLX Technology, IDT, Tundra, Dune Networks, and Pericom. Interconnect technology, the nervous system for any computing or networking device, transfers control messages and data within the system to ensure there are no choke points. Increasing bandwidth demands and the unique requirements of data centers, networking, computing, and storage, are driving a host of interconnect technologies and standards, such as PCI Express, RapidIO, Advanced Switching, Ethernet, and proprietary.

The Linley Group, the leading supplier of technology analysis for semiconductors in networking, communications, and consumer electronics, brings together industry experts Jag Bolaria and Linley Gwennap, as well as architects and technologists from leading vendors to deliver information-packed technical presentations addressing the specialized needs of this market. The seminar wraps up with a panel discussion on emerging trends in interconnects. Following the seminar will be a reception providing opportunities for you to network with these industry leaders, analysts, and your colleagues.

You won't want to miss the following program highlights:

--  Greg Shippen, System Architect, Freescale, "Mapping Standard
    Interconnects to Embedded Systems: Is it one size fits all?"
--  Francois LeMaut, AMCC Fellow, AMCC, "Which Interconnect for Which
--  Michael Miller, CTO and VP of Systems Technology, IDT, "The Right
    Standard for the Right Application"
--  Todd Comins, CTO & Founder, StarGen, "Advanced PCIe Interconnects for
    Virtualized I/O, High Availability and Multi-Processor Systems"
--  Jack Regula, CTO, PLX Technology, "PCI Express Usage Models"
--  Ofer Iny, CTO, Dune Networks, "A System Solution for Traffic
--  Henry Ngai, Technical Fellow, Pericom, "Signal Integrity in the PCI
    Express Environment"
--  Tom Wilson, Director of Product Management, Tundra, "The Standardized
    Node B Base Station"
--  Uri Cummings, CTO, Fulcrum, "Low-Latency Ethernet Interconnects for
    the Data Center"
The seminar will be held at the DoubleTree Hotel in San Jose and is free to qualified individuals who register by June 9. The seminar is targeted at OEMs, board developers, system designers, service providers, carriers, equipment vendors, press, and the financial community. For further details, program updates, and registration information, visit our web site:

The seminar is sponsored by AMCC, Freescale, StarGen, PLX Technology, IDT, Tundra, Dune Networks, Pericom, and The Linley Group.

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