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ARC Inc.

June 09, 2008 13:52 ET

The Long Journey Home: Are you Ready to Hear his Story?

A young boy's message to change the world will be seen at Film Festivals around the world.

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - June 9, 2008) - Twelve year-old Myles McLellan's message will be heard by thousands as a short film, based on his story of determination and strength, will appear in film festivals around the world, beginning this week at the Worldwide Short Film Festival here in Toronto.

The Long Journey Home is an animated short film based on the documentary, Surviving the Treatment: The Return of Myles McLellan, a film that dives into the aftermath of childhood cancer, providing a real-life look at social isolation experienced by children with cancer. The short animated film, created by ARC Inc. (Artists Raising Consciousness), tells the inspiring story of a young hero whose mission is to change the way people think.

"The Long Journey Home is based on Myles and his story - a boy who wanted to change the people around him," says Billie Mintz, ARC President. "Myles told his story to educate people about their fear of cancer, and in doing so, ensuring that no other child would have to experience the social isolation that he did."

Mintz founded ARC Inc. in 1999 in hopes of creating and advancing the awareness of social issues through the creation of films and storytelling, tailored to specific causes.

"I was looking to enable ARC's model of using storytelling to make a difference in the world by helping society heal issues," adds Mintz. "And that's how I found Myles."

Myles passed away in the spring of 2006, yet his message will continue to transcend among audiences nationally and internationally as The Long Journey Home and Surviving the Treatment will be shown in film festivals around the world and in schools across North America.

The Long Journey Home captivated audiences last week at the Brooklyn International Film Festival, taking home the Audience Award. For a list of festivals showing The Long Journey Home, visit

ARC Institute (Artists Raising Consciousness) was founded in 1999 by Billie Mintz to advance the awareness of social issues through the creation of films tailored to specific causes. The goal of ARC's projects is to create new outlets for philanthropic progress; the individual pieces will convey the mandate of a given cause through non-traditional 'storytelling' and social media. ARC works with both charitable organizations and large corporations that have strong commitments to social change, volunteerism and philanthropic initiatives. ARC's most recent work with Molson can be seen on Molson's Community Blog.

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