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February 12, 2015 07:00 ET

The MAAW Announces the 2014 Winners in the GLOBE Awards

TORONTO, ON--(Marketwired - February 12, 2015) - And the 29th MAA Worldwide GLOBE Gold Award winner is... Axis (Russia) with their campaign "MegaFaces - Create your own Olympic History" for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. This campaign takes home the 'Best of the Best' in the World award.

The 'selfie' movement has taken the world by storm; MegaFon and Axis saw the opportunity to encourage those visiting the Olympic Games to leave their own personal mark -- literally and figuratively. Creating an epic 'I was there' moment at the Olympic Games. The MegaFaces - MegaFon's Olympic Pavilion quickly became a staple attraction at the 2014 Winter Olympic Games.

The MegaFaces Pavilion made history, becoming the world's first large-scale LED kinetic facade. An impressive 2,000m2 pavilion that transforms in the third dimension; recreated the faces of the Games' visitors, while projecting them on the side of the Sochi entrance building. Each image was skilfully crafted using 11,000 telescopic highly-detailed actuators that represent a single pixel in a photograph. These actuators then processed facial scans and generated onto this monumental 8 metre tall by 6 metre wide, 3-D photo booth. Transforming every 50 seconds, the pavilion was capable of featuring 3 faces at one time.

As a result, this interactive innovation allowed thousands of people to create their own history at the Olympic Games -- remaining true to their campaign -- and gained international notoriety by allowing users to share their experiences to millions of others on social media platforms. The whole world got to see their Sochi Olympic Game history.

This technical advancement took only 12 months to move from the initial concept and architect's sketches to the once in a life time engaging brand experience at the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games thanks to MegaFon and Axis.

Including the Best of the Best, 90 Gold, Silver, Bronze and Certificate of Merit awards were presented in 25 Categories.

Aldo Cundari, President of MAA Worldwide and GLOBE Awards Chair, congratulates all the participants in this year's 29th annual GLOBE Awards. "This year was a robust exhibit of global top caliber entries from agencies in over 30 countries worldwide. Truly a source of inspiration and insight for brand marketers around the world. It was exciting to see some of the groundbreaking ideas and campaigns coming out of some new and emerging markets. Congratulations to all our Award winners, you truly exhibit the best in marketing and once again, have produced outstanding work. And a special acknowledgment and sincere gratitude to the over 130 judges for their hard work and dedication to making the Globes one of the best awards in the world."

The MAAW GLOBE Awards recognize the very "Best of the Best" in marketing campaigns executed globally with our association partners: CAMPRO from Argentina, AMPRO from Brazil, CAPMA and CMA from Canada, the JPM Awards from Japan, the Silver Mercury's from Russia and Ukraine, the IPM Awards from the UK and the BAA REGGIE Awards from the USA. Entries were also received from Israel, India, China, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland.

Over 130 judges from 15 countries, representing agencies, clients, academia, media and industry associations carefully reviewed over 350 campaigns from 25 countries in November/December 2014.

And the category winners are...

Best Telecom, Utilities and Technology      
GLOBE  Agency  Client  Campaign
Gold  AXIS; Russia  MegaFon  MegaFaces
Silver  iris Sao Paulo; Brazil  Sony  Sony Water Store
Bronze  One Green Bean; Australia  Virgin Mobile  Game of Phones
Certificate of Merit  Initiative; Russia  Beeline  Plan B
Best Consumer Durables - Auto, Appliances, Home Electronics   
GLOBE  Agency  Client  Campaign
Gold   Onepartners; Australia  Kambrook  Blitz, Switch & Go! 
Silver  FCB Chicago; US  Valspar  Guarantee
Bronze  TBWA HAKUHODO; Japan  Nissan  Parking Darts
Certificate of Merit  Cundari; Canada  BMW  Art Auction
Best Consumer Services - Travel & Tourism, Leisure & Gaming, Recreation, Media
GLOBE  Agency  Client  Campaign
Gold  HAKUHODO Inc.; Japan  Sunshine Aquarium  Penguin Navi
Silver  TDI Group Russia;  Muzzone  Musical Visiting Card
Bronze  Bell Media; Canada  HBO Canada   Game of Thrones Season 4 Campaign
Certificate of Merit  WDMP; UK  Monarch Airlines  Monarch Airlines - 3D Mountain
Best Financial and Professional Services
GLOBE  Agency  Client  Campaign
Gold  Cossette; Canada  Royal Canadian Mint  Heart of The Arctic
Silver  Diamond Integrated Marketing; Canada  TD  TD Back to School 
Bronze  Grape; Russia  DMC  Captured
Certificate of Merit  Coral:Promo; Russia  Beeline  B2B or not B2B
Best Consumer Products - Food      
GLOBE  Agency  Client  Campaign
Gold  Cundari; Canada  Dempster's  Zero Inhibitions
Silver  Open Lowe; Brazil  Kibon  Raise the Roof
Bronze  Boys and Girls; Ireland  Kellogg's  Kellogg's Rice Krispies Squares Haunted Vending
Certificate of Merit  ARK CONNECT; Russia  Mondelez Int  Millicano. Innovation Worthy Of Consideration
Best Consumer Products - Healthcare, Beauty & Fashion   
GLOBE  Agency  Client  Campaign
Gold  Geometry Global; Russia
 Sanofi-Aventis Group  Get Well Kit
Silver  Daiko Advertising Inc.; Japan  Seirogan  Portable Toilet Popularizes Diarrhea Medicine's Package
Bronze  Progression; Russia  Durex  Durex Love Box
Certificate of Merit  Progression; Russia
 Durex  Durex Love SMS
Best Non-Alcoholic Beverages
GLOBE  Agency  Client  Campaign
Gold  Verve Marketing; Ireland  Coca-Cola Company  Coca-Cola 'Share a Coke'
Silver  Arnold KLP; UK  Pepsi  The Magic's in the Max
Bronze  TDI Group Russia; Russia  Nestle  Learned With One Cup
Bronze  YOMIKO Advertising Inv. Japan  Gabunomi  I'm your manager
Certificate of Merit  ICON integrated contact; Russia  Multon  Dobry "We're the country of warm support"
Best Alcoholic Beverages      
GLOBE  Agency  Client  Campaign
Certificate of Merit  e:mg; Russia  Efes Pilsener  Intellectual Basketball
Certificate of Merit  ICON integrated contact; Russia  EFES  Grolsh direct marketing
Best Retail - Traditional Retailers, e-Commerce, Catalogue, Bars & Restaurants
GLOBE  Agency  Client  Campaign
Gold  Voskhod, creative agency; Russia  Siamm-Siamm  Put The Music On
Silver  lg2; Canada  Valentine Restaurants  Walk Off your Poutine
Bronze  Arc; United Kingdom  McDonald's  KickStart
Certificate of Merit  Voskhod, creative agency; Russia  Double Grill & Bar  Grillboard
Best Not For Profit, Charities, Public Sector
GLOBE  Agency  Client  Campaign
Gold  Hungry Boys; Russia  WWF  Animal Not Found
Silver  Arc; UK  The Tutor Crowd  The Tutor Crowd
Bronze  Cossette; Canada  Amnesty International  Minute of Silence. Minute of Hope
Certificate of Merit  TWIGA; Russia
 Tango Network   The Longest Handshake 
Best Short Term Trial and Awareness      
GLOBE  Agency  Client  Campaign
Gold  TRISECT; US  ConAgra Foods  Child Hunger Ends Here
Silver  iris Sao Paulo; Brazil  Sony  Sony Water Store
Bronze  Diamond Integrated Marketing; Canada  TD  TD Back to School
Certificate of Merit   Instinct; Russia  Ikea  Create What You Want
Best Medium Term Loyalty      
GLOBE  Agency  Client  Campaign
Certificate of Merit  TWIGA; Russia  Ying-Yang  Rain Magic
Certificate of Merit  e:mg; Russia  Mondelez Int  Amazing Barni Theater
Best Long Term Loyalty & Relationship Marketing   
GLOBE  Agency  Client  Campaign
Gold  Pulp Strategy Communications Pvt Ltd; India  EMC India  EMC Transformation Coach
Silver  ICON integrated contact; Russia  Dorby  Dobry "we're the country of warm support"
Bronze  Coral:Promo; Russia  Beeline  B2B or not B2B.
Certificate of Merit   e:mg; Russia  Coca-Cola Company  Leather ball
Best Experiential Marketing
GLOBE  Agency  Client  Campaign
Gold  AXIS - Russia  MegaFon  MegaFaces 
 Cundari; Canada  BMW  Art Auction
Bronze  iris Sao Paulo; Brazil  Sony  Sony Water Store
Certificate of Merit  Verve Marketing; Ireland  Coca-Cola Company  Coca Cola 'Share a Coke'
Best Shopper Marketing      
GLOBE  Agency  Client  Campaign
Gold   TRISECT; US  ConAgra Foods  Child Hunger Ends Here
Silver  OnePartners; Australia  Kambrook  Blitz, Switch & Go!
Bronze  MacLaren McCann; Canada  Bayer CropScience  Bayer CropScience "Bushels to Bottles"
Certificate of Merit   Unite; Russia  Hasbro  Permanent branding as activation of Hasbro branded play strategy in retail in Russia
Best Direct Marketing      
GLOBE  Agency  Client  Campaign
Gold  TDI Group Russia; Russia  MuzZone  Musical Visiting Card
Silver  Leo Burnett  Moscow; Russia  Jeep  Carabiner
Bronze  WDMP; UK  Monarch Airlines  Mountain Monarch Airlines - 3D Mountain
Certificate of Merit  Geometry Global; Russia
 Sanofi-Aventis Group  Get Well Kit
Best Digital Marketing
GLOBE  Agency  Client  Campaign
Gold  Cossette; Canada  Royal Canadian Mint  Heart of the Arctic
Silver  Hungry Boys; Russia  WWF  Animal not found
Bronze  Ampla; Brazil  Detran Es   Best way
Certificate of Merit  e:mg; Russia  Mondelez Int  Amazing Barni Theater 
Best Social Marketing      
GLOBE  Agency  Client  Campaign
Gold  Diamond; Canada  TD  TD Back to School
Silver  lg2; Canada  Valentine Restaurants  Walk Off Your Poutine
Bronze  AnyBodyHome!; Russia  Memini  People's Awareness Of Dementia Syndrome
Certificate of Merit  Boys and Girls; Ireland  Kellogg's  Kellogg's Rice Krispies Squares Haunted Vending Machine
Best Sales Incentive, Recognition & Customer Service   
GLOBE  Agency  Client  Campaign
Silver   TWIGA; Russia  Ying-Yang   Rain Magic 
Bronze  ICON integrated contact; Russia  Coca-Cola Company  Nestea B2B
Best Sponsorship Marketing
GLOBE  Agency  Client  Campaign
Gold  Arnold KLP; UK  Pepsi  The Magic's in the Max
Silver  AXIS; Russia  MegaFon  MegaFaces
Bronze  Sport Media Group; Russia  Aeroflot  Aeroflot Asia Cup
Certificate of Merit   e:mg; Russia  Coca-Cola Company  Leather ball
Best Cause Marketing      
GLOBE  Agency  Client  Campaign
Gold  Cossette; Canada  Amnesty International  Minute of Silence. Minute of Hope
Silver  Hungry Boys; Russia  WWF  Animal not found
Bronze  TRISECT; US  ConAgra Foods  Child Hunger Ends Here
Certificate of Merit  23red; UK  Change4Life  Change4Life: Be Food Smart
Best Small Budget      
GLOBE  Agency  Client  Campaign
Gold   Hungry Boys; Russia  WWF   Animal Not Found 
Silver   Red Pepper; Russia  Youth Bar   Hello from Youth! 
Bronze   Cossette; Canada
 Amnesty International   Minute of Silence. Minute of Hope
Certificate of Merit  lg2; Canada  Valentine Restaurants  Walk Off your Poutine
Best Fully Integrated
GLOBE  Agency  Client  Campaign
Gold  TRISECT; US  ConAgra Foods  Child Hunger Ends Here
Silver   Diamond Integrated Marketing; Canada  TD   TD Back to School 
Bronze   TDI Group Russia;  MuzZone   Musical Visiting Card 
Certificate of Merit  TWIGA; Russia  Ying-Yang   Rain Magic 
GLOBE  Agency  Client  Campaign
GLOBE   AXIS - Russia  MegaFon   MegaFaces

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