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November 22, 2010 07:00 ET

The Memorabilia Registry Rolls Out Its Substantially Improved Platform

Dynamic Biometric Systems, Inc. Shareholders Approve Name Change to MemReg, Inc.

PHOENIX, AZ--(Marketwire - November 22, 2010) - Reflecting its change of focus, Dynamic Biometric Systems, Inc., a Nevada corporation, (PINKSHEETS: DYBO) announced today that its shareholders approved changing the corporation's name to MemReg, Inc. (the "Company") and focusing on the overall Memorabilia market. The Company will continue to operate through its two wholly owned subsidiaries, Memorabilia Registry Corp. ("MRC") and DynaSig Corp. MRC owns all the rights and technology related to the MemReg business as well as the website, DynaSig owns all the assets and technology related to the manufacture and development of the Bio-Pen and related software.

The MemReg business.
The Company is confident that the market MemReg is addressing is very substantial. In 2000, U. S. Government documents estimated the sports and celebrity memorabilia market to be a $1 billion a year market in the United States. According to Tri-Star Productions, Inc., one of the largest full-time producers of sports collectible shows in the country, the sports collectibles industry alone now exceeds $2 billion in sales annually with more than 16.7 million collectors around the world. However, this market is disorganized, highly fragmented and non-transparent. Collectors and dealers present their collections for sale or view in no standard format and with varying search capability. The Company believes there are thousands of part and full time sellers and no comprehensive, cross-participant market search capability.

Effective today, MRC has rolled out a new and improved version of its Registry. MemReg has improved its platform to allow dealers to use the Registry as a marketplace as well as improving its function as a centralized depository of autographed items and unique collectibles that can be managed and shared. Sellers and Collectors can simply list their items (and any desired corroborating information) so they are internationally documented. Collectors can choose to manage their items privately or show them to the public. Dealers can list their items for sale. In both cases there will be no charge for listing items on the website.

The only cost to a seller will be $5 Ownership Transfer Fee when an item is sold. The Ownership Transfer Fee will not be charged until the item has been shipped and the title has been transferred to the buyer. This Transfer Fee maintains the chain of title and supporting documentation of the item transferred. A buyer can purchase additional protection by opting to pay an Escrow Fee (also $5.00) -- this service will hold the funds and the title in locked escrow status until the item has been accepted and both the seller and the buyer approve the transaction.

The Company believes that it is in the best interest of all Sellers to list as many items as they own since MemReg encourages sellers to list the Sellers website's address in every item description. Simply put, if a Seller lists 1,000 items, there are 1,000 chances potential autograph buyers will find the Seller's website. MemReg even has tools to enable dealers to upload items in bulk. allows Seller's without a web presence to both list their items at no charge and provides various tools to manage these items. They will not need a separate store and can avail themselves of the substantial and qualified traffic coming to the site. Regardless of the loading method, or size of the seller, each listing establishes a title to each unique item.

Collectors who aren't currently sellers are also encouraged to enter all their items in the Registry to establish their title. The site's "My Account Tools" are a great way for the collector to manage (and show off) their collection. Items can be set for Private or Restricted viewing, so only the Collector and their friends can see them, or items may be set for Public viewing. supports trades as well.

MemReg currently has nearly 30,000 items listed, with more being added daily. How many items do they want? "Millions," says founder and President Dr. Richard Kim. MemReg will also support a massive searchable database of celebrity name information (currently numbering over 50,000) and address information (currently over 29,000) where collectors reported obtaining autographs.

MemReg's overall mission is to provide complex search capability of unique, collectible items and related information and provide trusted, third-party time-stamped history for all registered items and such items' supporting documentation. This evidence or "provenance" is presented to support authenticity. There is no charge for registering memorabilia items and supporting documentation such as pictures taken at signing, authentication certificates and all other related information. The Company has been developing the site for more than a year. Last month the initial "pre-production" version of was released. This new production version release is in response to feedback from Collectors and Dealers.

Each Registered item will receive a unique number which will follow this item regardless of subsequent ownership (a chain of title). Owners may control viewer access to any of their items. MemReg will be a centralized depository where these unique items may be managed and shared. It will also provide a searchable database of signers for collectors and dealers. The site will provide tools to capture and view provenance and facilitate secure item ownership transfer. 

The Company believes that a unique value of MemReg is that the intrinsic value of a registered item will increase the longer it has been registered. As the number of registered items increases and those items become more valuable with time, the Company believes that the value of the MemReg Registry will continually increase. On March 24, 2010 MemReg filed a utility patent application on its Registry and other features. The Company has pending patents related to both the Autograph Bio-Pen and MemReg.

Capital activities. The Company is in the process of making a private placement of a new Series of Convertible Preferred Stock and is considering a reverse split of its common shares.

About the Company
The Company currently trades on the Pink Sheets under the symbol DYBO but as soon as the name change is filed and recorded the Company expects that symbol to change to reflect its new name. Information on the Company, including consolidated financial information is available on the Company's web site Since 2003, the Company has been developing proprietary hardware (the "Bio-Pen") and its related proprietary software to allow for the verification of dynamic signatures (together the "DynaSig System"). This highly sophisticated system captures the unique act of signing rather than the signature image. The DynaSig system is the optimal autograph authentication device and was the intellectual foundation of MemReg. The Company intends to exploit this capacity but developed MemReg to provide services for the millions of items already in existence.

MemReg's office is located at 9830 S. 51st St., Suite A-124 Phoenix, AZ 85044. The Company was registered with the SEC but is delinquent in its reporting requirements due to failure to provide audited financial statements. The Company plans to cure this deficiency when it can obtain adequate funding. The Company expects to continue to publish and post its financial information for investors on its web site.

Forward Looking Statements. Certain matters discussed within this press release may be forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Although the Company believes the expectations reflected in any forward-looking statements are based on reasonable assumptions, it can give no assurances that its expectations will be attained. Such statements are inherently uncertain, and actual results and activities may differ materially from those estimated or projected. Certain factors that can affect the Company's ability to achieve its anticipated results include, among others, uncertainties inherent in the development of a new business and limited capital. Further factors affecting future performance are detailed in the Company's Financial Statements posted on its web site.

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