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November 10, 2010 09:01 ET

The Motley Fool Accelerates Agile Development and Testing With Sauce OnDemand

Leading Financial Services Company Increases Productivity 10x With Sauce Labs' Cloud-Based Cross-Browser Testing Solution

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - November 10, 2010) -  Sauce Labs, the Selenium company, today announced that The Motley Fool, a leading multimedia financial-services company, has increased productivity by a factor of 10 using Sauce OnDemand, its cross-browser testing cloud service. With Sauce OnDemand, The Motley Fool has streamlined and improved its testing cycles, enabling the firm to be more agile and achieve continuous integration.

In classic IT organizations, there's typically tension between QA and development -- because QA often can't find bugs fast enough, throwing Development schedules into disarray. The QA team at The Motley Fool recognized this, and focused on the need to provide valuable, timely and useful feedback to developers -- especially given that their web applications evolve in two week cycles. Feedback improved dramatically when the Motley Fool QA Team shifted to a Selenium test coding methodology that made their test suites much more flexible, allowing test scripts to be rapidly adapted. Flexibility was achieved, but speed -- true agile velocity -- still proved elusive. By using Sauce OnDemand's browsers in the cloud to execute their tests in parallel, The Motley Fool QA Team is opening the door to true agile velocity -- slashing test cycle time by 90 percent.

"We wanted to speed up our testing and improve the feedback being given to developers, which was out-of-sync with their work," said Dave Haeffner, Senior Quality Analyst at The Motley Fool. "Sauce OnDemand hasn't only sped things up, it's getting us closer to the ideal of being able to link test runs directly to web server deployments. The use of Selenium with Sauce Labs has decreased the noise in our testing cycle, so QA is able to provide meaningful feedback throughout the iteration."

After four months of using Sauce OnDemand, The Motley Fool has significantly increased its testing velocity. Their "smoke test" suite, which previously took up to 20 minutes, now takes only two minutes. By running Selenium tests in parallel across multiple browsers in the cloud, The Motley Fool has achieved a scalable, flexible process that is ready for the future of web application development, agile development and continuous integration.

"As more developers move towards continuous integration and agile, automated cross-browser testing becomes a critical component," said John Dunham, CEO of Sauce Labs. "We're thrilled to see the impact Sauce OnDemand has had in terms of speed, reliability and meaningful feedback for teams at The Motley Fool."

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Sauce Labs, the Selenium Company, provides the Sauce OnDemand service that allows users to run automated cross-browser functional tests faster in the cloud without having to maintain or update their own test infrastructure. To date, roughly three million Sauce OnDemand tests have been run in the Sauce cloud. The lead investor of Sauce Labs is the Contrarian Group, Peter Ueberroth's investment management firm. Sauce Labs is headquartered in San Francisco, California. For more information, visit

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