October 04, 2011 08:00 ET

The National Governors Association Launches With Jahia 6.5

NGA is the first to embrace the new version of Jahia's open source CMS in replacement of proprietary solution

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND and WASHINGTON, D.C.--(Marketwire - Oct. 4, 2011) - Jahia, provider of Java-based open source CMS solutions, announced today that the National Governors Association (nga.org) has re-launched its website using Jahia 6.5, the first open source next-generation CMS, which bridges web, portal, social, search, and mobile user experiences with a single composite platform. The new NGA website employs reusable components to streamline development efforts and provide a common look and feel across the site.

The National Governors Association - the bipartisan organization of the nation's governors - promotes leadership, shares best practices, and speaks with a collective voice on national policy. The new site built upon Jahia 6.5 allows for easy access to over 7,000 research papers, publications, newsletters, and webcast materials, ensuring that policy makers have access to the information that they need to govern.

"We needed to migrate from our previous CMS to one that would efficiently convey our message, and after examining several alternatives, we picked Jahia 6.5," said Robert Thomas, Directory of Information Technology, of the NGA. "We chose Jahia 6.5 because it was the easiest CMS for us to develop with while still offering the functionality and flexibility we needed. The user interface and intuitive graphical layout of the program also made it a natural fit for our non-technical end users, and minimized our training period."

"The quick turnaround at NGA is a great illustration of how Jahia's next generation Composite Content platform and its Studio dramatically cut development time" said Emmanuel Garcin, Vice President & General Manager of Jahia Americas.

Jahia 6.5 offers the best of both worlds by combining the modular ease of PHP on top of the latest powerful Java frameworks. It makes it easy to build user-centric, content-rich applications combining any type of enterprise and web content. Features include:

Jahia eXtended Content Management (xCM) Jahia xCM - a seamless approach to federating content assets and delivering compelling user experiences. Jahia xCM brings the latest generation of User Experience and Information Management tools by unifying web, document, search, social and portal features.

Jahia Composite Content Platform: The Composite Content Platform is the heart of the new Jahia 6.5 and leverages your web projects with an unlimited source of content to create user-centric rich applications.

Jahia Studio - fine-grained template customization, and drag-and-drop website assembly using ready-made components.

JahiaApps Forge – a community-based marketplace of ready-made templates and application modules.

• Choice of a wide variety of scripting languages, including PHP and JSP.

• HTML5 multimedia and graphical content delivery, without the need for proprietary plugins and APIs.

• Drag-and-drop creation of blogs, wikis, forums, and data-driven charts and graphs.

Cloud - ready.

Sustainable open source business model: the first guaranteed enterprise contribution program in professional open source.

• Unique software for both the enterprise and the community, with targeted licenses and services for paying customers.

Jahia 6.5 available for immediate download

• The new Jahia 6.5 is available for immediate download.

• To see a webinar of Jahia beta 6.5 in action, please visit http://www.jahia.com/webinar

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Jahia's next-generation, open source CMS stems from a widely acknowledged vision of enterprise application convergence – web, search, document, social and portal – unified by the simplicity of web content management. Structured around Jahia Extended Content Management (xCM), the Jahia Studio IDE, and Jahiapps social and collaboration capabilities, and based on a powerful Composite Content Management platform, Jahia brings a unique modularity to the Java development arena. It is the tool of choice for building innovative user experiences for virtually any type of web application at a fraction of the cost of competing solutions. Founded in 2002 in Switzerland, Jahia has its North American headquarters in Washington DC, and offices in Canada and throughout Europe. Jahia has over 300 customers in more than 18 countries across the globe. For more information, please go to www.jahia.com.

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