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Method123 Ltd

February 21, 2011 09:15 ET

The New and Improved Project Management Templates

LA HABRA, CALIFORNIA--(Marketwire - Feb. 21, 2011) - The newest version of Project Management Templates has just been released by Method 123 Ltd. This new version is aimed at providing the project managers with the best possible tool for planning a project.

The Project Management Templates are detailed, which help any user to save time in developing the process plans of their projects. Since time is money in the business world, this tool is advantageous to have and to use.

The current Project Management Templates makes creating a project plan easier by having a preformatted document ready for data entry from the first step. There are also areas already in the template for the inclusion of charts and tables, wherever it is appropriate. This is a great timesaver from having to do this yourself. The formatting and spacing is already done ahead of time to make the creation of the professional document easy.

With this latest update, there are now 52 different templates included in the program. This contains a template for every process involved in a project's lifecycle. Now, there is a template to help the project manager in creating a plan for every aspect involved in a project.

Quality is in the details that a product provides. With the Project Management Templates, not only are the major processes covered but also the supporting tasks that need to completed as well. This includes the Request for Information and Request for Proposal forms that have their own templates ready to be used.

To help to ensure that the Project Management Templates are a maximum benefit to the users, they are created following the worldwide standards of Prince2 and PMBOK. This permits this type of program to be quickly and efficiently integrated into your existing systems while ensuring the highest possible quality of your product on a consistent basis.

Along with the template programs, there are many real world examples that accompany your program. This is a valuable resource that answers many of the common, and not so common, questions that will come up during the development of a project management plan. With this resource being readily available, the time spent in finding the answers to your questions will be reduced.

To even further help the project manager in the use and implementation of Project Management Templates, there is the free project management guide book. This is a step by step explanation of the most efficient path for a project to be planned and executed in the current economic business atmosphere the global market is in.

For more information on this new product, please review the article on Computer World on how this program's efficiency can make your customers happier.

As the year progresses, this is the place to find the latest and best improvements to the project management office program and how they can help you save and money when it is related to project management. Please check back monthly for regular updates to our projects and products.

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