April 24, 2014 13:15 ET

The New Face of Medical Cannabis in Canada

BC-Based Tilray Offers Premium, Pesticide-Free Medical Cannabis

NANAIMO, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwired - April 24, 2014) -

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Starting this week, one of the nation's newest licensed producers, BC-based Tilray begins registering patients and, on April 28th, will begin offering premium cannabis through their ecommerce site at tilray.ca.

Tilray's BC-grown strains range in price from $8 to $12 per gram and will be shipped securely and discreetly.

It's all part of Tilray's focus on bringing a new level of professionalism, consistency and patient-focused service to Canada's medical cannabis market.

"Even though cannabis has been used medicinally for thousands of years, Canadians who rely on medical cannabis and physicians who prescribe it, could not always count on the same consistency, potency and purity," explains Philippe Lucas, Vice President of Patient Research and Services.

Elevating Canada's Medical Cannabis Market

"At tilray.ca our mission is to bring medical cannabis out of the shadows and into the light as a valid, mainstream treatment option for conditions that range from glaucoma and migraine to arthritis and cancer," explains Lucas.

"We've invested over $10 million to create one of Canada's most sophisticated and advanced growing facilities and our purpose is to cultivate exceptional cannabis that is pure, pesticide-free and rigorously tested to produce the same level of relief every time," he adds.

Tilray's cannabis is cultivated in Nanaimo, British Columbia in a secure growing facility.

"We're cultivating cannabis that is pesticide-free and premium quality," confirms Joshua Eades, Chief Science Officer, who adds that plants are harvested by hand, dried and tested for potency and consistency.

Online Ordering and Strain Selection

Canadians who have a signed medical document from their Health Care Provider can order cannabis online at tilray.ca in a few simple steps.

Tilray's strains range from sativas which have an energizing effect to indicas which have a calming effect to high-CBD strains which research has suggested have an analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety properties without the psychoactive effects.

About Tilray

Tilray is a premium brand of cannabis that offers peace of mind through unparalleled quality and consistency for physicians who prescribe - and patients who rely on medical cannabis.

Tilray is the Canadian subsidiary of Lafitte Holdings, a Canadian-based company. To learn more about Tilray, visit tilray.ca.




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