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The New "Isabella Rossellini" Handbag by Bulgari

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An exceptional name for an exceptional bag, created by Bulgari as a tribute to the unique allure of one of the most influential style icons of our time: Isabella Rossellini.

Her extraordinary career expresses her multifaceted personality, one that continues to grow: from the spotlight of growing up with famous parents to the front row of the fashion catwalk, from the success of cinema stardom to the commitment she has always made to social, humanitarian and environmental causes.

The daughter of two legends of international cinema, Ingrid Bergman and Roberto Rossellini, Isabella has been an emblem of natural yet sophisticated beauty since the beginning of her career as an actress, fascinating audiences with important roles in numerous Italian and foreign films. An exciting life story meets the venerable history of Bulgari in a collaboration with its roots and inspiration in the past.

The scene: the glamorous golden years of 1960s Rome, captured in black & white at the entrance to the historic Bulgari shop in Via Condotti, in which appears a very young girl named Isabella accompanied by her mother, Ingrid, who in addition to being a regular client often wore Bulgari's High Jewellery creations on the sets of films like The Visit of 1964.

In the years that followed, Isabella grew up and entered the world of cinema first, and then fashion, appearing on the covers of Vogue and countless other international magazines.

The actress remains connected to Bulgari, in that she is a great admirer and often wears Bulgari jewels for exclusive occasions. In 2009, as part of the celebration of the company's 125th anniversary, Isabella supported the partnership between Bulgari and Save the Children, lending her face, along with many other celebrities, to Fabrizio Ferri's photo shoot featuring the silver ring created by Bulgari to raise funds for the humanitarian project "Rewrite the Future".

Today, this long and felicitous relationship has generated an exclusive leather creation, a perfect synthesis of two stories rich in fascination and affinity which come together, once again, as the epitome of elegance.

"We are extremely pleased with this wonderful collaboration with Isabella Rossellini", says Francesco Trapani, CEO of the Bulgari Group. "The bag gracefully expresses the essence of Isabella's impeccable elegance. Sensitive, intelligent and blessed with an innate creative flair, she embodies the feminine ideal that has always inspired Bulgari's creations".

For several months, Isabella Rossellini worked in close contact with Bulgari designers to create a bag that would express her personality. Thus "Rossellini" was born, a handbag distinguished by simple, essential lines that reflects the beauty and rigor of its muse.

The softness of the lines and materials and the special design of the twist lock make the "Rossellini" a contemporary and seductive accessory that reinterprets the bags of the great divas of yesterday in a modern key.

Like Isabella herself, the bag conveys a natural and easy grace combined with a resolute and determined spirit, which are revealed in the exquisite central twist lock in enamel and hard stones. A special detail, this, where classic motifs and explicit references to the worlds of Bulgari and Rossellini coexist harmoniously: the half-circles of color whose rhythms intersect on the enameled surfaces and the oval form of the whole recall the earliest Parentesi creations and other Bulgari jewels, while also borrowing the graphic attitude of certain Vintage bracelets particularly dear to Isabella. The semi-precious stones of the twist lock employ the suggestive language of gems to evoke the distinguishing features of the actress's personality.

But the "Rossellini" bag also conveys creative genius and originality, a seductive wink at Isabella's evasion of conventionality, as reflected in the unexpected interior lining of the bag, personalized with the actress's signature. The fabric is printed with a single, eccentric motif: playful snails inspired by Isabella's recent efforts to support the ecological cause by making short educational films about the reproductive habits of the animal world, combining comedy and scientific curiosity and straddling the boundaries between the real world and animated cartoons. Conceived, produced, directed and interpreted by Isabella, the films have been applauded at the Sundance, Berlin and Tribeca film festivals, and have since been made into a book for children. The snail motif is finely printed on the lining of the "Rossellini" bag like a sort of handmade stroke, taken directly from the drawings and illustrations that fill Isabella's work notes.

"Bulgari has always intrigued me for its long and illustrious history and of course for its gorgeous creations of unique and refined style", Isabella Rossellini says. "My connection with Bulgari dates back to when I was a child and I'd accompany my mother to the historic shop in Via Condotti in Rome. She loved Bulgari jewels, I remember the ones she bought very clearly. Still today, when I'm traveling and I come across a Bulgari store, I feel a pleasant sense of familiarity that makes me feel close to the beauty and subtlety of Italian culture, of my own roots.

The collaboration with Bulgari was a delightful and creative experience. A bag is of course an indispensable accessory for us women, and we tried to make it become an object of elegance and luxury, like a jewel. I added a very personal touch to the bag, printing the drawings that I make for my surrealist films about animals on the lining, with the intention of combining art and design, fashion and cinema, humor and elegance."

The "Rossellini" bag is available in several variations of material and color, each describing a different facet of Isabella herself.

The first is realized in carved black patent leather with plain flaps treated with a pearl effect, creating a futurist background across which radiates the suffused glow of the central twist lock in black and white enamel made with aventurine. An emblem of optimism, this stone harmonizes chromatically with the green of the lining.

Nonchalance and simplicity are the distinctive traits of the model in brown mud chevron canvas and chocolate leather, graced by a closure in two gradations of gray enamel and tiger's eye, a stone that symbolizes harmony.

The version in walnut pony calf leather with flaps in chocolate leather is a tribute to the sophisticated elegance and bold temperament of Isabella, underscored by the amethyst of the twist lock, whose delicate reflections sparkle at the center of surfaces in black and brick red enamel and harmonizes with the purple of the lining.

The last model reflects Isabella's modern cosmopolitan spirit in the choice of multicolored ponyskin whose black and white 'graphic' effect captures the mood and tones of the contemporary metropolis and combines with the sobriety of chocolate for the leather flaps and the gloss of the aventurine and black and white enamel that decorate the closure.

A veritable jewel of style and sophistication, the "Rossellini" handbag will be available in all Bulgari stores starting in July 2010.

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