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March 21, 2011 10:26 ET

The New Project Management Software Dashboard Program

LA HABRA, CALIFORNIA--(Marketwire - March 21, 2011) - The new and improved Project Management Software dashboard has gone 3D. This has been done by adding a third axis on the existing charts to give them added depth and information never realized before.

As explained by people at Advance-Media, the human eye was built to see things in three dimensions. With charts being in three dimensions, more information can be passed on with each glance by a viewer. With an increase in speed at which a person can review the information, efficiency of any process will be increased.

"The reason for this new approach to charts is to help the speed at which the project manager can make a decision and act upon it", says Jason Westland, CEO of Project Manager Online Ltd. "The dashboard's main purpose and focus is to help speed up the process of relaying information in the fastest way possible, and this new 3D imaging allows for that better than ever before."

"The project management software allows the project manager to choose the specific items they wish to have present on their dashboard," he says. "Every manager can have what they think is important for quick reference."

Many users of the program appreciate its non-restrictive approach. By having the dashboard customizable, the program is better adjusted to the needs of any particular industry that makes use of this technology. This allows for the project manager to pick and choose what they need so they can perform their job as they see fit. No longer is the project management software programming considered restrictive or limiting.

No matter what data you wish to be displayed on your dashboard, the information will be linked to an updating system that will keep it current all the time. This requires you or your staff to make daily update reports, but that is typical of any work schedule by the leaders of a team.

This new 3D chart imaging has been expanded so the project manager that has more than one project can deploy this technology to as many dashboards as they need. Each one can be on the same fixed data points, or customizable so each one is different.

The staff at listened to feedback from clients and have made adjustments to the programming to make it more user-friendly. They have tried to eliminate the restraints that were considered a nuisance by users, without compromising the integrity of the project management software and the international standards on which it was built.

These standards include Prince2 and PMBOK which are recognized standards by the international business community as the leading sets of regulations worldwide.

The 3D dashboard capabilities of the Project Management Software program give project managers the edge they need to keep their projects on track. Check back monthly for more updates on this site, for the latest innovative ways we are improving programs to help you in business.

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