James Gill

James Gill

November 08, 2010 15:56 ET

The New Symbol for New York Nightlife

James Gill Embarks on 10 Season TV Series About Nightlife in New York City

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - Nov. 8, 2010) - In just over one year after his New York City debut in Chekov's The Three Sisters (Marilyn Monroe Theater), directed by Lear deBessonet, Montreal-born actor James Gill has starred in three feature films. Showing off his range, he has gone from devilishly charming lead villain in Jobert's Painting, to comic relief in Powerplegic, rounding up the summer with Love Eterne, as the sensitive hero.

In 2008, Gill won the Cinema Academy Contest, over thousands of applicants, for the lead role in Marcel Béliveau's Georges-Henri T. est décédé (trans. Georges Henri T. Has Died). He has now began collaborating with Francis Xavier DeGennaro in the new TV series, After Dark. DeGennaro is known for his horror film Torture Me No More.

After Dark is about three competing bartenders working in the trendy Manhattan nightclub 'Universe'. Gill plays Gabriel, a 26 year old French-Canadian bartender who moved to New York as a business consultant, only to be swept up in the charm of the metropolitan nightlife. To the public, he's a womanizer -- but internally, he is a sensitive artist who feels very much alone. "I feel a great connection to this character having been a bartender myself for many years in all of the Montreal hotspots. I feel like I understand the character beyond superficialities. Also, playing Gabriel will bring back old memories!"

Gill has a busy year ahead of him, awaiting the premieres of all his films. He can be seen in the action-packed film Jobert's Painting, directed by action veteran Derrick Judge Early, as the Parisian organized crime boss Jean Dubois who goes to New York to get his escaped wife and daughter back. He can also be seen in the sci-fi/thriller Powerplegic, directed by DeGennaro, a dark feature which has a humorous twist, garnering comparisons with A Clockwork Orange. Finally, he will steal the hearts of audiences in Love Eterne, directed by Joseph Villapaz, who has spent the past 17 years working on this film. Gill will appear as Quinn, a sensitive and empathetic young man who has lost everything. With nothing to lose, he makes a rash decision to find true love. But will it be at the cost of his life-long friendships?

Production for After Dark is scheduled to start in January 2011. "I feel so lucky to have had the chance to play so many different characters in completely different genres of films," says Gill, "I have learned so much and have worked with extremely talented and dedicated people."

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