SOURCE: Capitol Hill Broadcasting Network

December 04, 2006 14:08 ET

The New Tube for Politics

WASHINGTON, DC -- (MARKET WIRE) -- December 4, 2006 -- Capitol Hill Broadcasting Network (CHBN) is the latest creation in the world of Internet multimedia but with a slight twist. It caters to the narrow but diverse audience of political candidates, elected officials, political pundits, advocacy groups, political junkies, and government agencies. Created to leverage new uses of video technology for the political community, CHBN allows its users to inform, educate, advocate, influence, and campaign at the click of a mouse.

David Livingston, a lobbyist in Washington, D.C. and the site's founder, says: "CHBN is a non-partisan website that serves as a free and powerful communication tool for people and organizations in the political community. It'll not only serve as an important tool for candidates and others, but it will also be entertaining and informative for our visitors."

"We feel confident that this is where politics on the internet is heading," Livingston says. "We wanted to be the first to provide a professional, politically themed online network. Members can create and upload their own videos or upload their existing media to give it additional exposure. Elected officials can use the site to give weekly video updates to stay connected to his or her constituents. In addition, individuals and advocacy groups can broadcast legislative proposals or viewpoints on an issue, and can receive feedback through CHBN's 'rating' and 'comment' feature. Unlike television, this tool allows members to immediately gauge viewer interest while complementing online fundraising efforts."

"More and more people are getting their political news online. We think the timing is right for CHBN. In the next year, we plan on ramping up our efforts to form partnerships with various private and government content providers. Our goal is to create a wealth of information for our visitors to benefit their organization, cause, etc. We want to include as many committee hearings, historical videos, interviews, debates, speeches, political documentaries, and commercials as we can. This will keep the site interesting, educational, and entertaining."

Experts agree that American political campaigns are currently undergoing a period of change, due to changing campaign-finance laws, increased use of the internet, and the apparently declining effectiveness of television advertising. As the cost for running for elected office and influencing public opinion gets more expensive, it is likely that this type of service will grow in popularity.

Use of CHBN for politicians, associations, and others is bound only by one's imagination. Livingston concludes: "This type of technology can give a polished yet financially challenged candidate from anywhere in America a chance to get noticed, get on the radar screen, and get elected. It helps even the playing field for those candidates and organizations without having to pay the price."

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