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July 22, 2014 11:38 ET

The Nuts and Bolts Behind Digital Signage in Manufacturing

Provider Industry Weapon Discusses Key Benefits for the Industry

PITTSBURGH, PA--(Marketwired - July 22, 2014) - Manufacturing employees often work long hours, on their feet, doing the same tasks hundreds of times over. Their accomplishments are number based, which is often a far cry for the amount of effort put into a given day. Many times traditional communication fails in a manufacturing environment. For starters, most manufacturing employees are unable to carry around a phone on their person while working, they are rarely able to access computers to check email, and their environment is too loud for intercom announcements.

Most employees are temporary or contracted, and walk out of the job without learning more than their specific assignment. Shift managers are preoccupied with machinery and deadlines to be responsible for internal communications, as well. The employees rely on flyers in the break room and the occasional team-meeting to stay informed.

Today, companies are turning to digital signage, a medium in which any screen can become a communication tool. Couple this with easy-to-use content management software and a manufacturing's communication environment can be transformed. This change provides plenty of benefits to employees through fostering more of a sense of community and employees who feel like they are "in the know" tend to have higher moral.

"We find manufacturing facilities utilizes digital signage in two main ways. The first is to keep employees engaged and the second is to provide a greater access to important information, like production and performance metrics." -- Dave Wible, CEO, Industry Weapon.

Digital signage provided by Industry Weapon can display more than company announcements, manufacturing can take advantage of integrations with machine software to display production statistics, job up time and actual mph, and can easily report safety information. Production metrics, inventory management and monitoring, and statistics about product quality, worker-performance, machine performance, quota tracking, and business performance can be updated in real time onto the screens. If you have a data source in place to track information, a capable digital signage solution can integrate with it.

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Industry Weapon, a digital media company, specializes in the advancement of digital signage applications. Their line of products and services enable subscribers to publish multimedia content and integrated data to displays, tablets and mobile devices. Industry Weapon currently services thousands of customers in fifteen countries and is supported by more than two hundred partners.

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