SOURCE: Diskeeper Corporation

September 15, 2009 16:17 ET

The One Quick Route to Faster Performance and Fewer Problems

BURBANK, CA--(Marketwire - September 15, 2009) - There is rarely one "quick fix" for a device or operation. If a car is not running well it is likely a number of accumulated problems that cannot be repaired by, say, the simple choice of gasoline -- despite fuel commercials of days past indicating otherwise. If a kid can't run as fast as his or her friends, there won't likely be a huge difference made by the choice of sneakers (again, despite an old commercial that indicated otherwise). And of course there's always the health guru pushing the one new amazing plant discovered deep in the Amazon jungle that is virtually a cure-all for every ailment known to humankind -- a claim that turns out to be not quite true.

In the world of computers, however, there is one constant, maddening problem that, if left unsolved, will cause bitter complaints from users and the weeping and gnashing of teeth in the IT department. If that problem is actually solved, performance and reliability are maximized, the IT department receives far fewer help desk calls, and users tend to be much happier. That problem is file fragmentation.

The trick however is to truly solve the problem as traditional solutions being used in today's computing environments tend to fall short of that goal. Fragmentation-related issues, such as slowed performance, process hangs and decreased hard drive life, tend to persist when scheduled or manual defrag solutions are used, because in between times that defrag occurs, fragmentation is still rearing its ugly head and causing the same old problems. In the IT department, there is still fragmentation-related overtime occurring as many hours are spent either scheduling or manually running defrag.

The "one quick route" that actually accomplishes maximized system performance and reliability is Diskeeper® fully automatic defrag.

"We have implemented Diskeeper on all of our local machines and have not seen one problem," said Patrick A. Reagan, Monitoring and Mobile Sources Division Manager of Forsyth County Environmental Affairs Division in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. "In fact, many employees who don't know the software was installed ask if a change in the network has happened to make their computers faster."

Diskeeper Corporation proprietary InvisiTasking® technology allows defrag to occur on the fly, in the background, so that fragmentation is never an issue. There is never a negative impact on users from defrag, and scheduling is never required.

"The number of phone calls and emails I have received has decreased dramatically regarding scanning or boot times," Reagan added. "In addition, I have not needed to perform a single manual disk defrag since installing Diskeeper."

If there is such a thing as "one quick fix," it would certainly be Diskeeper 2009.

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