SOURCE: Globex, Inc.

September 15, 2006 11:30 ET

The OTC Value Watch Initiates Coverage on Globex, Inc.

Issues Intermediate Term Price Target of $1.625

NEW YORK, NY -- (MARKET WIRE) -- September 15, 2006 -- Globex, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: GLXI) today announced that The OTC Value Watch has initiated coverage of their company. They confirm a positive outlook on GLXI based on their analysis of the Company's projected growth and fundamentals. Their price target of $1.625 indicates a strong intermediate-term outlook. The complete, unedited analyst report appears below.


Analysis for Micro-Cap and Value Investors

Symbol -- GLXI.PK
Recent Trading Price -- $0.40
Intermediate Term Price -- $1.625
Web Site --
Market Cap -- $9,961,087
Corporate Contact -- 1-514-288-8494
September 2006 - Globex, Inc. Analyst Report

Investment Highlights

--  The price of oil is expected to rise over the coming years along a saw
    tooth, up and down, peak and valley curve. This has never been more evident
    than what we have witnessed the past few months. We are headed for a valley
    at the moment, but it's just a matter of time before we reach new heights.
--  The American Coalition for Ethanol predicts that ethanol will be
    blended with diesel fuel in the very near future to create a fuel called
    oxy-diesel that will burn much cleaner than current diesel fuel and require
    no vehicle modifications.
--  To date, companies from the US, China, India and UK have exhibited
    great interest in Globex's pre-treatment methods. Co-development agreements
    with these companies are pending.
Company Background

Globex, Inc. is an alternative energy company seeking to capitalize on the rapidly increasing demand for ethanol that is being driven by a bill passed by the US Congress last year. This bill mandates the use of ethanol as a fuel additive rather than MBTE in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Because of environmental concerns, advancements in alternative energy solutions are gaining worldwide attention. As a result, the mission of Globex is to develop conversion technologies and methods related to the production of alternative 'green' energy. This environmentally friendly source of energy can be harnessed with little pollution. The recent bill passed by Congress requires an increase in ethanol use by refiners to 7.5 billion gallons by 2012, up from 3.4 billion gallons used in 2004. Ethanol can stretch the current oil supply, while offering a fuel "oxygenate" that does not contaminate groundwater. Globex is quickly gaining recognition as an emerging player in the high-growth ethanol industry. It is very important to note that the Bush Administration is preparing a major energy initiative designed to change the "whole nature of the discussion" taking on both parties, the oil and electricity industries and environmentalists.

Focused Growth Strategy

Ethanol is the most widely used alternative automotive fuel in the world. Globex is capitalizing on this as it develops a needed alternative to producing ethanol via intense agricultural practices (consisting of mass production of corn, wheat or sugar beet), which involves using residues form crop, wood chips and pulp and paper. Globex's innovative technology selects the best hydrolysis enzymes available on the market that will be adapted for use in its pre-treatment process. The residual sugars will then be fermented into ethanol, which will be recovered. The results from this process confirm the tremendous potential of this technology for reducing the inherent commercialization risk and demonstrate the opportunities through the worldwide licensing of its ethanol production technologies, and, if necessary, via debt and/or equity financing. In our opinion, if you look out over the next 10 years, demand for Globex's products and technologies should grow rapidly. As a result of our increased confidence in GLXI, we have established an intermediate-term target price of $1.625. According to Dr. Joel Fournier, PHD, MBA, and President of Globex, Inc., "Our outlook for the remainder of 2006 and beyond is extremely positive and filled with many opportunities."

Investment Conclusions

Building successful energy companies depend on several key factors: entrepreneurial vision, an experienced team, modern technology and strong financial backing. GLXI meets each criterion with full marks. The company's strategic plan of full scale testing of their new supercritical fluid (SCF) pre-treatment technology demonstrated the complete integration of this technology in the conversion of cellulosic biomass to ethanol. If their business plan is followed successfully and their concept continues to be greeted favorably, we see a very positive effect on the company's bottom line. This is both an opportunity and a bargain at $0.35 a share, and at this current trading price, GLXI represents a most compelling investment opportunity for those investors who aggressively seek long-term capital gains in a dynamically growing energy sector.

OTC Value Watch prepared the information and opinions in this analyst report. For this analyst report, $2,500 was received from D Wetzel Consulting. This is not an offer to buy or sell securities nor should this report be construed as investment advice. Information or statements are subject to numerous risks and uncertainties that cause such statements not to prove accurate. The OTC Value Watch does not disseminate, nor is it liable for the dissemination of this analyst report by any third party.

About Globex, Inc.

The mission of Globex, Inc. is to develop conversion technologies and methods related to the production of alternative 'green' energy. Our objectives are to become an important player in the high-growth ethanol industry and, in turn, establish a strong position in the green energy industry. Globex's goal is to capitalize on the rapid rise in the demand for ethanol that is being driven by the energy bill passed by the US Congress last year, which mandates the use of ethanol as a fuel additive rather than MBTE in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In particular, the bill requires an increase in ethanol use by refiners to 7.5 billion gallons by 2012, which is nearly double the current total of about 4 billion gallons per year.

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Forward-Looking Statements

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