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October 14, 2009 13:32 ET

The Power of Resistance in Business and Life

Cincom Expert Access Showcases Bestselling Authors and Business Leaders

CINCINNATI, OH--(Marketwire - October 14, 2009) - Cincom Expert Access, (, award-winning online business magazine, features "Lessons Learned from Bestselling Author Steven Pressfield" in its October edition.


"The Power of Resistance in Business and Life" helps you recognize, treat and defeat the toxic effects of "Resistance" in life of business or business of life.

Pressfield has written or co-written 34 screenplays, and is the author of international bestsellers "The Legend of Bagger Vance" (also a movie), "Gates of Fire," "Tide of War," "The Afghan Campaign," and "The War of Art: Break through the Blocks and Win Your Creative Battles." His most recent book is "Killing Rommel," a WWII story.


The editorial goal of Cincom Expert Access is to provide objective ideas, information, insights and inspirations (sometimes in an irreverent, humorous manner) to help readers:

--  Do their jobs better
--  Become aware of new ideas, products and services
--  Occasionally have a B2B laugh


What makes Cincom Expert Access different are its contributors -- truly brilliant and forward-thinking leaders and experts in their fields. Their willingness to share ideas, information and answer questions from readers is exceptional. Business leaders and authors also featured in the October issue of Cincom Expert Access include:

"Hamburgers and Software: What Could They Possibly Have in Common?" by Thomas Nies, Cincom CEO

"What's the Difference Between Leaders and Managers?" by Dr. Woodrow Sears, author of "Building High Performance Team"

"The Future of U.S. Manufacturing," by Jerry Miller, global manufacturing director, Cincom

"If I Could Only Get on Oprah - Everything Would Be Alright," by Marsha Friedman, author of "Celebritize Yourself"

"125-Year-Old Mystery of Johann Sebastian Bach's Home Solved," by Jay McKeever, worldwide marketing director, Cincom

"Lift vs. Drag - A Leader's Perspective," by Lt. Col. Rob "Waldo" Waldman, author of "Never Fly Solo"

"The Myth of High-Fallutin Copy," by Robert Bly, author of "The Copywriter's Handbook"

"Social Networking's Credibility Factor," by Louis Columbus, marketing analyst, Cincom

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