SOURCE: Bruce Boyers Marketing Services

October 08, 2008 15:25 ET

The Real Expense of Accidentally Deleted Files

BURBANK, CA--(Marketwire - October 8, 2008) - On the surface, an accidentally deleted file can seem like a minor problem. An employee calls the help desk in a panic, the IT person on the help desk checks to see if the file is recoverable from the Windows Recycle Bin (it's not, because it was saved to a file server, and the Windows Recycle Bin only captures files saved locally), curses at the "dumb user," then does a search of backup and restores the file. End of story.

But let's take a closer look at how this story can really unfold. First, that accidentally deleted file could very well be a major report or a quote to a customer that the employee had been working on for a week or so, and had even put in overtime on. So the employee naturally goes into a panic when he deletes it -- all that effort seemingly down the drain.

On the IT end, it's also a bit more than just a "dumb user" curse and search through backup. That backup search will take hours, and that IT person must monitor the search the entire time, then restore the file as soon as it's found. There are most likely higher-priority tasks for that IT staffer to be engaged in.

The fruit of the backup search can yield two different results. One possibility is that yes, the file is there and can be restored. The bad news is, it is an earlier version of the file. Depending on when in the work progression the file was backed up, it could mean hours or even several days worth of work that must be performed by the employee to bring that file back up to the state it was in when lost. How much will that cost, and how much will it endanger the client relationship or what other serious ramifications will the lateness have?

But the other possible result is, the employee created the file and began work on it since the last backup, which means that no version of that file was ever backed up. The long search through backup is simply wasted time, and the employee has to re-create the file from scratch. Not only is that considerable wasted time and money, that might even mean the loss of a client and that employee's job.

All of this considerable aggravation and cost can be avoided by a very simple and relatively inexpensive software solution. Providing real time data protection and filling the gap between backups, this solution replaces the Windows Recycle Bin with one of its own -- one that will allow instant recovery of a file saved to any location within the network.

Put real time data protection and real time recovery to work in your company -- and permanently avoid the lost time and profit from accidentally deleted files.

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