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May 31, 2011 07:00 ET

The Real Reason We Have yet to Cure Cancer

DENVER, COLORADO--(Marketwire - May 31, 2011) - According to Dr. Samuel S. Epstein, M.D., chairman of the Cancer Prevention Coalition, the American Cancer Society (ACS) is guilty of a level of indifference that's criminal regarding cancer prevention, as well as conflicts of interest. He backs up his claim with 130 pages of documentation titled "AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY—More Interested In Accumulating Wealth Than Saving Lives."

With evidence suggesting that mammographs can potentially cause breast cancer, and that cancer is on the rise primarily because of toxic overload, Dr. Epstein shows the ACS connection to the companies responsible for these products and resultant problems.

DuPont, an ACS donor, manufactures film for the mammography machines. Additionally, a number of ACS Advisory Board members come from the mammography industry.

Tamoxifen has the known side-effects of uterine cancer and increased risk of death, and yet the ACS promotes this drug along with mammograms consistently. They also receive large financial donations from Zeneca, the company that manufactures Tamoxifen, worth $400 million in annual sales and also manages 11 cancer centers in U.S. hospitals, owning 50 per cent of each.

Additionally, Zeneca Pharmaceuticals are connected to Imperial Chemical Industries, one of the world's largest manufacturers of chlorine and other industrial chemicals that are linked to breast cancer.

According to professional medical journalist, Dr. Morton Walker, DPM, author of 92 published books, 14 bestsellers, over 5000 clinical journal and magazine articles, many about cancer, "There are safer screening options than mammography and safer breast cancer treatments than Tamoxifen. The ACS focus is solely on research, diagnosis, and chemotherapies. There needs to be attention to the prevention of cancer, healthy lifestyle and avoiding chemical exposures."

Having devoted his life to enlightening the public about natural, non-toxic, non-invasive alternative treatments, Dr. Walker adds, "It's tragic that a trusted agency with the capability and resources to find a cure for and prevent cancer has, instead, been selling false hope and stealing lives."

Dr. Walker is putting the finishing touches on a book about a new holistic, successful alternative cancer treatment, which will be released shortly by Hugo House Publishers.

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