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Written by Ian R. Whiting, Senior Editor

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - June 6, 2013) -

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This book comes with a very interesting subtitle "Why You Could Be Better Off Than You Think, and How To Make That Happen". Fred Vettese and Bill Morneau decided to tackle one of the key top-of-mind issues for Canadians who are north of 50, in a very thoughtful manner that is devoid of the usual rhetoric, most of which is not grounded on facts but rather a chosen perspective.

Both Fred and Bill are senior executives with Morneau Shepell (Chief Actuary and Executive Chairman respectively), based in Toronto, with acknowledged expertise in this field. Their personal credibility is beyond any reproach and is backed by their hands-on approach to their work and this book. They may not be well known outside close financial circles, but this book will surely change this situation!

The book takes on a journey from the current economic climate - worldwide, through our main foundations for the future - our retirement and health-care systems - through to a solid evaluation of our current plans, goals and resources. After spending time discussing the concept that we may be better off than we think, they take us through a sound introduction to investments and managing those parts of our lives that expose us to risks.

Next they discuss how we need to assess portfolio management and results followed by a review of the key income-generating products we have available and then gives solid insight into health-care issues, funding our requirements and other quality-of-life concerns.

What really impressed me (and I admit it takes a lot to do that) is they are objective in the extreme and I could not detect any evidence of proprietary, systemic, political or product bias, and that is very difficult to accomplish when addressing this sensitive topic.

For individuals, this is an excellent outline of the realities we are facing. For financial planners and others in or around the financial services industry, this is a MUST READ in my opinion and reminds us, in very practical terms, that it is time to become re-grounded in reality and work with our clients accordingly. This is a great financial planning book you will want to have. Get your copy through and for the technophobes, it is also available as an e-book with Kobo for only $13.99 Canadian.

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