SOURCE: Diskeeper Corporation

April 15, 2008 11:20 ET

The Right Defrag Slashes Labor Costs and Makes Performance Fly

Today, Choosing the Right Defrag Technology Makes the Difference in Labor and Performance Costs

BURBANK, CA--(Marketwire - April 15, 2008) - Defragmentation has been around for many years. Most if not all enterprises are aware of the horrific problems that can creep up on a system administrator or IT director -- as well as the employees -- if fragmentation is not adequately addressed. But today the key word is adequately; traditional scheduled defragmentation solutions are no longer solving the problem and are impacting both performance and labor. A more robust and automatic solution is required.

Because of today's significantly larger volume and file sizes, scheduled defrag is leaving fragmentation behind in between scheduled runs, and in the case of very large disks may not be addressing fragmentation at all. Precious IT hours must also be wasted in analyzing and scheduling drives, wasting labor. And finally, scheduled defrag negatively impacts performance while it is running.

Diskeeper® Corporation, the leader in defragmentation technology for over 20 years, has squarely addressed this problem with the very first completely automatic defragmentation solution. This solution works invisibly in the background using only idle resources, so performance is maximized with no negative performance impact on users while it is running. It also requires no scheduling.

"Diskeeper has probably saved me an average of over 20 hours a month of manual work," said Randy McBride, Network Administrator for Columbia River Bank in The Dalles, Oregon. "Some data duplication jobs that took literally days to complete were cut down to less than 12 hours."

McBride's primary duties at Columbia River Bank deal with security, data storage, and backup issues. Diskeeper was implemented to help backup and data storage performance. "This had to be done in a way that did not hinder the performance of the production machines during our peak business hours by using up the resources," McBride said. "The most useful thing about Diskeeper is that it keeps our large volumes defragged automatically. It has increased the performance of our servers, better than what I could keep things at."

Diskeeper not only employs background "on the fly" defragmentation, but the defragmentation technology to the job -- such as the defragmentation of large volumes -- is automatically selected so that thorough defragmentation actually occurs. The net result is continuous peak performance.

Today's enterprises with more-active-than-ever computing environments can no longer rely on scheduled defragmentation to keep a real handle on file fragmentation, in such a way that performance is actually assured and IT hours aren't wasted in scheduling. Diskeeper's fully automatic defrag is truly the modern defragmentation solution.

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