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February 04, 2016 07:30 ET

The Solution to Obama's Gun Tracking Technology Plea: TracFind

TracFind Offers Secure, Real-time GPS Tracking of Valuables, Guns

CLEARWATER, FL--(Marketwired - Feb 4, 2016) - President Obama recently stated, "If there's an app that can help us find a missing tablet or iPad there's no reason we can't do it for a stolen gun." TracFind™, created by TracFind Corp, is the affordable, effective, technology that answers President Obama's request to improve gun safety.

TracFind is a cellular signal-connected, motion-detection enabled device that offers end users private, secure real-time GPS tracking of any object equipped with TracFind. When the object is moved more than one inch or outside the user-designated area, it sends its real-time GPS map location to the user's cellphone anywhere in the world where there's cellular coverage. The user has the option to link local law enforcement to the live tracking data.

TracFind can:

1. Protect loved ones

TracFind can help prevent tragedies by alerting parents if a child moves a TracFind-equipped gun so they can intervene, or it can provide piece of mind by showing the location of a child as they walk from school or a loved one with dementia who may be lost.

2. Track Stolen Items

TracFind is the first and only smart device that records the time and location of a TracFind-equipped item as it moves AND allows, at the owner's discretion, sharing of the live tracking data, item description and photo of the item with police, to enable them to track the item.

3. Thwart Crime/Aid Prosecution:

TracFind's ability to track and record the time and location of an item on the move can be invaluable in providing "probable cause" evidence to enable search, recovery of the item and information that helps in apprehending and prosecuting perpetrators.

After a live NY demonstration with Giuliani Partners, Former Prosecutor and Executive Managing Director Eric Hatzimemos, he stated, "If we had TracFind as former prosecutors, whereby we could show a jury that at 10 a.m. the break-in occurred, at 10:15 a.m... at 11 a.m. the perpetrator was committing another crime at a 7/11, and at 11:30 a.m. the police apprehended the suspect -- all because TracFind alerted the homeowner immediately and the homeowner shared his TracFind data with the local police agency... being able to display this on a TV in a court room in real-time and real data from the TracFind device would be phenomenal. For Mayor Giuliani and myself, it's all about getting the conviction."

4. Locate misplaced items:

Unlike competitor's products that rely on the owner or a network of other users being within earshot of a lost item beeping and trusting them to return or contact the owner, TracFind pinpoints the item location on a map on the owner's smartphone, tablet or computer, similar to a smartphone's "find My Phone" app.

"Wireless and lightweight, TracFind is a first-of-its-kind device capable of dramatically reducing loss and recovering stolen items faster, while providing the evidence that can help convict perpetrators," stated Clark East, Founder and CEO of TracFind. "We've piqued the insurance industry's interest and it's possible insurers could offer insurance discounts for utilizing TracFind in the future."

TracFind is in the working prototype stage and has two pending patents published. It has undergone initial field testing with consumers and law enforcement in Texas and Florida and is undergoing additional testing. TracFind expects to enter production in May 2016. Be among the first to receive a TracFind by placing pre-orders via Indiegogo

In addition to consumer use, TracFind is currently in licensing discussions with multiple manufacturers to embed TracFind in OEM products. "TracFind can be embedded in or inconspicuously attached to almost anything valuable such as guns, boats, motorized vehicles, artwork, collectibles, bicycles, sports equipment, pets, tools, and handbags," noted Ron Laker, TracFind VP of Business Development. "A major advantage is that the user controls if TracFind gets activated and if/when to alert police. Plus, the TracFind does not interfere in any way with the normal function of the valuable -- an important point for gun owners concerned about 'smart gun' technologies that may delay or prevent use of a gun when needed."

Additional features:

  • three-year rechargeable battery life, with low battery alert
  • links to user-provided picture and description of item
  • functions only after registered and activated by end user

For more information visit, or call 1-888-365-7771.

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Created by entrepreneurial experts in software, design and manufacturing, TracFind develops innovative connected location-tracking products. TracFind is headquartered in Clearwater, Fla.

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