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April 12, 2011 08:50 ET

The Sportsgrants Foundation Launches Project One

Shifts the Century-Old Event-Driven Fundraiser Into the Social Media Age; Calls On Individuals to Join Its Global Fundraising Team and "Devote Just One Day"

HOOD RIVER, OR--(Marketwire - Apr 12, 2011) - The Sportsgrants Foundation, a nonprofit organization advocating a new model of grassroots fundraising, today kicked off Project One. Conceived by Sportsgrants Founder and Social Entrepreneur Scott Zagarino, Project One calls on individuals to join its global fundraising team, devote one day and raise money to meet the specific challenges of real people, causes and charities in need -- everything from buying high performance prosthetics for wounded veterans to feeding families in local communities.

"With the billions of event-driven monies raised each year at runs or walks, we should be solving real problems for these charities and the individuals they support," said Zagarino. "Event-driven fundraising is antiquated, extremely costly and inefficient. Project One eliminates the nonessential elements of fundraising -- sometimes even the charity -- and instead creates a clearer path for monies raised to reach the needed destination," said Zagarino. "Best of all -- we've improved the cost for each dollar raised by 131 percent -- what used to cost $1.31 now costs no more than .20 cents for each dollar raised."

The Project One Global Challenge: How It Works
Hundreds of walks, runs and other event-driven fundraisers are held each year. At the center of each one are teams of individuals with a desire to do something good for a charity or cause. But, the very logistics of hosting a walk or a run -- from registration, cones, permits, security, marketing, prizing, etc. -- is cumbersome and expensive.

Sportsgrants has built one grassroots fundraising engine, which makes grassroots fundraising simple and efficient. Here's how it works:

  • The Sportsgrants grassroots fundraising engine is a seamless and invisible technology backbone, allowing one global fundraising team to not only be easily built, but also easily activated.

  • Sportsgrants has identified a variety of immediate and measurable needs (from big and small to local and global) that can be helped, eased or resolved with grassroots fundraising within specific timeframes. The individuals or team members then choose which of the team goals they wish to support.

  • The individuals then (within minutes) enlist their real and virtual networks to raise money and then do their own thing on their own day to raise money.

  • When the Team Goal has been met, the monies are then granted by Sportsgrants to the individual, charity or cause.

"This is the true revolution -- the individual is in charge. They decide the Team Goal they wish to support, how they will raise money, how much money they want to raise and which individuals in their real and virtual social networks they want to enlist to support their effort. No more inefficiencies or money spent to host one more run, walk or swim," said Zagarino.

The Team Project One challenge launches with the following:

  • Inspire: Raise $80,000 to fund two new First Descents camps in 2012 for young adults with cancer
  • Feed: Raise $300,000 to provide 1.4 million complete meals to American food banks to help feed Americans struggling with hunger and poverty
  • Keep: Raise $150,000 to create travel grants in 2012 so that parents can be with their children while they are hospitalized
  • Build: Raise $800,000 to build a sustainable children's orphanage and school in Haiti by the end of 2011
  • Answer: Raise $260,000 in 2011 to build the first virtual crisis center, IMALIVE, in support of To Write Love On Her Arms
  • Restore: Committed to raising $400,000 to provide services for wounded Special Operations Warriors and to provide funding for scholarships for the children of those who gave their lives.

While Project One launches with an initial list of 2011 team goals, charitable projects can continue to be nominated and added throughout the year. Sportsgrants has set a goal of $5 million dollars to be raised in 2011 and 25,000 individuals to join the global fundraising team.

About The Sportsgrants Foundation
The Sportsgrants Foundation, a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, was established in 2008 by professional athlete and social entrepreneur Scott Zagarino. As an advocate of the grassroots dollar and a veteran of event-driven fundraisers, Zagarino's mission is clear: modernize the event driven fundraiser, activate one global fundraising team and provide "net donation" grants to charities. Sportsgrants' patent-pending technology platform shifts the burden of event driven fundraising from the charity to the individual, creating efficiency and cost savings for the charity and choice and empowerment for the individual. To date, Sportsgrants has raised nearly $5 million and provided grants for a variety of charities and causes.

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