The Stone Bake Oven Company

The Stone Bake Oven Company

April 27, 2011 12:00 ET

The Stone Bake Oven Company Announce Two New Ovens in the Rocca Range

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - April 27, 2011) - The Stone Bake Oven Company has announced two new ovens within its Rocca range, adding to the number of wood pizza ovens available through the Stone Bake Oven Company.

The Stone Bake Oven Company has released two ovens in the range, the Rocca 90 and the Rocca 120. The two ovens include very similar features to one another, although whilst the Rocca 90 has an internal flooring of 90cm, the latter model is at a larger size of 120cm. This choice allows the customer to decide which oven will be most suitable for them, whether they're expecting to cater for only a few people within the family, or perhaps for many at parties.

These two new ovens, alongside the original range of wood fired ovens, are perfect for cooking a variety of different meals, either indoors or outdoors. The ovens are fully insulated and can hold their heat for over 24 hours, great for cooking numerous dishes, from starters and pizzas through to large slow-roasted meals.

Customers can also add their own unique design to the wood pizza ovens, allowing them to add their own personal exterior to each oven. With customers allowed to add their own designs to each oven, this can help add to the potential uses of the oven, perhaps designing it as a garden feature or even to be used as a patio heater for parties that last well into the night.

Tom Gozney, founder of The Stone Bake Oven Company, said: "Our Rocca range of ovens is perfect for use either indoors or outdoors. The Rocca ovens have allowed us to add two more ovens to our range of available stone bake ovens, and with the ovens serving multiple purposes, we believe our ovens are more than just an investment in another cooking appliance."

The Stone Bake Oven Company also stock a variety of iron cookware to help customers get the most out of their stone bake oven. For more information on stone bake ovens and accompanying accessories, please visit

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