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June 25, 2013 08:00 ET

The TAS Group Delivers Political Map Express to Detail Buyer's Political Landscape

Intelligent, Easy-to-Use App Helps Sellers Visualize the Political Map of Their Buyer's Organization

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwired - Jun 25, 2013) - The TAS Group, the world leader in intelligent sales methodology and sales performance automation, today announced the release of Dealmaker® Political Map Express. This newest addition to the Dealmaker suite of sales enablement software apps enables any business to better understand the political landscape of their buyer's organization, so they can identify the right people, gain access and develop support to win more deals.

Dealmaker Political Map Express provides valuable insights and competitive advantage to sales professionals through graphical maps, smart coaching and social network integration. The power of visualization delivers immediate insights to the sales team allowing them to maximize their influence through identifying the buying role of each person on the Political Map. Dealmaker also provides real-time, deal-specific coaching advice delivering vital information such as what should be done next to win the deal.

"We use Dealmaker Political Maps and found that each individual in our sales organization was able to get value quickly," said Bob Willis, Vice President Sales North America, ORSYP. "It's an easy and natural choice, especially since we use Salesforce. Dealmaker's integration of the org chart and the Political Map is really brilliant and really helpful immediately. The first thing we start with is who are we talking to and how they can help each customer perform."

"Research shows only 54 percent of sales reps can access key players, and those who do, generate 30 percent more revenue," said Donal Daly, Founder and CEO of The TAS Group. "Dealmaker Political Map Express provides the insights and advantages sales professionals need to identify key players, and also the coaching to help them reach the right people and win more deals. Our customers have been relying on our intelligent political maps for years as part of Dealmaker Smart Opportunity Manager. Now more companies can take advantage of this powerful competitive advantage in our new Dealmaker Political Map Express."

Dealmaker Political Map Express is available for purchase or a free 30-day trial from the Salesforce AppExchange, the world's most popular cloud marketplace for social apps for business.

A video demonstration of Dealmaker Political Map Express is also available:

Dealmaker smart software delivers proven sales methodologies, native in Salesforce CRM. Dealmaker takes the guesswork out of sales, coaching sales reps to win more deals and providing visibility to sales management. Being native on the Salesforce platform allows Dealmaker to share the data and infrastructure that resides in Salesforce, increasing reliability and ensuring data accuracy.

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