April 07, 2014 13:42 ET

The Top 2 Wholesale VoIP Providers of 2014, Announced by

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Apr 7, 2014) - Wholesale VoIP companies provide other VoIP companies with the hosted VoIP services that are then redistributed. VoIP companies buy from wholesale VoIP providers if they are interested in using or reselling but don't want to manage the technology or equipment that is involved in a VoIP system. By subscribing to a wholesale VoIP provider, customers have access to a standard feature set of wholesale VoIP. These features include: origination and termination, international A-Z, FCC E911 compliant and 411 access, colocation and PBX hosting, and a portal. By using this complementary set of features, VoIP provides can use wholesale VoIP to establish their very own VoIP service. Aside from the free features, wholesale VoIP providers also tend to give customers a wide range of additional features with specificities dependent upon the provider. The experts at have compared the leading wholesale VoIP providers and have determined the best 3 of the year.

VoIP Innovations

At the center of the VoIP market for over a decade, VoIP Innovations is recognized by as the number one best wholesale VoIP provider of the year. With the experience, extensive network and staff that thoroughly knows the ins-and-outs of their services, VoIP customers of VoIP Innovations are able to step up their business productivity using the seamless wholesale VoIP from VoIP Innovations. Customers are most satisfied with VoIP Innovations ability to offer such a high quality service while still offering their product at a low cost. VoIP Innovations is able to offer such outstanding rates because they gather services from the nation's largest telecom providers in order to provide clients with low wholesale VoIP rates and network footprint that is necessary to be competitive. VoIP Innovations offers wholesale VoIP origination and termination coverage internationally. Through their unique industry leading BackOffice, Titanium III, VoIP Innovations gives quality services to ITSPS and resellers. This network is world renowned, with thousands of POPs and VoIP DIDs.


VOXOX is ranked as the second best wholesale VoIP provider by because of their sophisticated and comprehensive communications solutions that provide customers with the highest quality VoIP services available. Covering more channels, devices, and networks than almost any other provider, VOXOX's cloud-based VoIP services have a unified platform with IP telephony solutions with exceptional rates. With such savings and productivity, it is no wonder VoIP providers who purchase VOXOX wholesale VoIP give rave reviews. In addition to the standard features that come with wholesale VoIP services, VOXOX offers free peer-to-peer voice and video calls, call routing and screening, texting, cheap VoIP calling to landlines and mobiles, multi-protocol instant messaging, social network aggregation, faxing large file transfer and real-time IM and messaging language transcription between almost 50 languages. VOXOX aggregates the wide range of communication services into one simplified package that leave VoIP provider customers feeling fully satisfied with this wholesale VoIP provider.

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