April 25, 2014 17:28 ET

The Top 3 Business VoIP Providers for 2014, Announced by

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Apr 25, 2014) - To be successful, businesses need to be able to communicate with other businesses in a timely manner. There are many options for quick communication now-a-days; however, the quickest and most efficient choice is using a business VoIP provider. These providers fit the needs for businesses of all sizes and have the capabilities to allow them to continue to grow relationships.

These providers have packages and products available that traditional landlines carriers cannot match. Many providers offer great additional calling features that enhance the call quality and allow for businesses to keep their inbound and outbound calls more organized. Business VoIP providers also have extremely low rates that can help businesses save a ton on their phone bills. For those companies that are just starting out or beginning to get some traction, that savings can be crucial.

No matter the size of a business, the decision on which telecommunication system to use is essential. Our Analysts at put together a list of the top 3 business VoIP providers for 2014. This list is made for those businesses that are thinking about making the switch to business VoIP of are currently in the process of making their final choice. The analysts looked at additional calling features, rates, customer reviews and more. Here are the top 3 business VoIP providers for 2014 that the analysts decided on:

1) Vonage Business Solutions

Vonage is a leader in business VoIP solutions and have very economical rates. They have no contracts, set up fees or expensive hardware needed for their service. Their connectivity is reliable and their customer support team is always helpful and is available to assist 24/7. Vonage Business Solutions also has tons of great features that come with their packages. Voicemail-to-email, virtual receptionist, smart phone apps and more are all included.

2) RingCentral

RingCentral offers a complete calling system that focuses on helping businesses grow. Their service is available for very low rates and their packages come loaded with additional enhancements. Unlimited calling throughout the U.S., voice mail options, separate extensions and much more is included with RingCentral. Their customer service staff is very knowledgeable about their entire catalog of products and they are very easy to get in touch with.

3) Jive

Jive's service comes with tons of great enhancements including call transfers, advanced call routing, never ring busy, unlimited nationwide calling and many more. They offer no yearly contracts and allow for month-to-month payments. Their customer service team is well known for their all around great service and Jive continues to be one of the top names in business VoIP today.

Businesses need the right telecommunication software in place to be able to remain on top of their competition. Business VoIP providers are the best and most cost effective way to do this. Traditional phone carriers cannot offer the same benefits of that business VoIP can. People that are interested in learning more about business VoIP providers can visit: is an authority Virtual PBX site that offers comparison tools to help businesses and residences find the best Virtual PBX for them.

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