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The Top 3 Call Center Software Providers of 2014, Ranked by

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Apr 16, 2014) - On a daily basis, it is extremely important that if a call is coming through to a business, that it comes through in a timely manner and is directed to the right person. Companies that experience a large number of calls a day need to have the right software in place to ensure that these calls are being answered. A missed call can be a missed sale or missed opportunity that doesn't call back and goes to a competitor.

There are many providers of call center software that can fit the needs of businesses of all sizes. There are also several types of software that can be offered. There are call center monitoring, statistics, analysis, automatic call distribution and more. It is important for businesses interested in upgrading their call center software to discover their strengths and weaknesses. This will help the business be able to choose the correct provider to fit their specific needs.

Our analysts at put together a ranking of the top 3 call center software providers for 2014. For their ranking, the analysts took price, features, customer satisfaction and more into consideration. The below list are the top 3 call center providers that they decided on:

1. 8x8, Inc.

8x8, Inc. has been around on the market for telecommunications for a very long time. Their network is secure and in compliance with a PCI and CPNI system. Their software allows for users to concentrate on growing relationships and furthering their own company's brand. The 8x8 client service staff is extremely helpful in both the set up stage and during activation.

2. SafeSoft Solutions

SafeSoft Solutions has a cloud based service that comes at a very low monthly price. They have many options for inbound, outbound and blended call centers that have a ton of additional features to enhance productivity. Their blended software combines the best of the inbound and outbound software to allow for a seamless call center solution.

3. 4PSA

4PSA is a leader in telecommunications. Their cloud service comes with many features that are innovative and on the forefront of new technology. 4PSA has award winning unified communications software and cloud service. Their customer service staff is knowledgeable and easily accessible via the web or phone.

Having the right call center software in place is not just beneficial for the business that is using it, but it is beneficial to the customers of that business as well. The customer will spend less time on hold, or be able to speak with the same representative each time. That continuity gives the customer the ease and satisfaction that they will not need to explain an issue to multiple people, but the same person each time. When the customer is happy, they will remain a customer of your business much longer. If the customer has bad experiences while on the phone, they can easily jump ship to a competitor that has their telecommunication process more organized. People that are interested in learning more about call center software providers can visit

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