April 10, 2014 16:36 ET

The Top 3 VoIP Fax Providers of 2014, Ranked by

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Apr 10, 2014) - For many small businesses, faxing is still a necessity in everyday operations. It may be important, however, the technology is somewhat outdated. Traditional fax systems have large margins for error, long waits, hardware malfunctions and countless other problems that can occur. The good news is that a VoIP fax provider can take the hassle out of faxing and make things much easier and quicker.

VoIP fax providers have updated technology to allow for many faxes to be sent electronically via email. Other features that many providers have are instant notifications, detailed fax logs, new software and more. The advances in VoIP fax services have made the outdated fax machine nearly obsolete.

Experts at recently ranked the top 3 VoIP fax providers for 2014. They looked at providers' services, overall prices, additional features and other factors. While traditional faxing is an older medium, it is still important for companies looking to switch to a VoIP fax provider to do their homework on which service is best for their needs. Here are the top 3 that came up with:

1) RingCentral

Faxing with RingCental is simple and hassle free. They offer some really great features that enhance productivity for businesses and allow for an easier volume of faxes to be sent or received. With RingCentral, users can sign faxes electronically, receive detailed fax logs, receive alerts via a mobile device and much more. RingCentral also allows for faxes to be received as emails, which can save a user a ton of time and is environmentally friendly.

2) Popfax

Popfax has excellent mobile faxing technology which can turn a mobile device into a fax machine. A user can send and receive faxes electronically with their mobile fax software. With their low rates, users also receive unlimited fax reception, a local fax number, fax software and more. Their services are very easy to install and make faxing at the office or on-the-go very simple.

3) Vonage

Vonage offers low rates for their VoIP faxing service. They have an online management system that allows a user to view all of their fax and call activity, which helps make faxing more organized. Their customer service staff is available 24 hours a day to help with any questions. They are quick with their responses and easy to reach.

The ease of using a VoIP fax provider for faxing will increase productivity and allow for the process to become much simpler. Instead of having to wait for a fax to come through the machine, it can be sent directly to an email address or a user can receive a notification to know that a fax has arrived. Instead of waiting for a fax to go through so you can just put a signature on it electronically. Faxing no longer has to be a nuisance. It is still an important part of everyday business, but now with a VoIP fax provider, it is not a process as much as it is a click of a button. People interested in learning more about VoIP fax providers can visit:

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