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The Top 5 Business PBX Providers for Q4 2013, as Ranked by

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Nov 21, 2013) - The term "cloud computing" has evolved from the vague application of storing files on the internet to a now ubiquitous way of managing emails, files, and documents without storing them locally. Hosted PBX combines the ease and functionality of VoIP telephone calling with the advanced features of the cloud. By routing the calls via the Internet, a hosted PBX phone system lets users answer calls remotely through their legacy devices such as cellphones, tablets, and computers. In addition to eliminating the need for new equipment, hosted PBX offers reliable connections combined with the convenience of an auto attendant.

As hosted PBX phone systems for business have become the standard for advanced telephony, an increasing number of options have become available. Today, has compiled a list of the 5 best based on features, price, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

1. Vocalocity

Vocalocity hits the mark in the areas that matter most to businesses looking for a hosted PBX solution. Vocalocity is especially valuable for small businesses in that users are able to add phone lines at will through their online app. They also manufacture and offer their own equipment at a price that is generally lower than competitors. As an added incentive, new customers are able to receive free phones and service for the first two months.

2. Jive

Jive ranks high because of unsurpassed reliability combined with pricing that can easily be matched with the business's needs. From a startup company of 10 to an established business of 100, Jive excels at molding a plan that meets the needs of the organization. Their service is ranked as one of the most reliable, but when it isn't, they offer premium customer service with the reviews to prove it.

3. RingCentral

The beauty of RingCentral lies in its exhaustive set of features that are easy to access and modify. Tools like voice calling, faxing, and texting come standard at only $19.99 per month. RingCentral emphasizes the concept of BYOD or Bring Your Own Device through their RingCentral mobile app. This allows nearly any device with the app to access the full set of RingCentral features remotely.

4. Mitel

Mitel not only offers hosted PBX, but the whole infrastructure needed to get started with a business phone system. Users are welcome to use their own equipment, but Mitel can provide internet connection, phones, and other hardware in an affordable package. This is an attractive option for businesses looking to hit the ground running when first installing a sophisticated business phone system.

5. Nextiva

Nextiva offers the right combination of features, power, and reliability. Their hosted PBX service starts at $19.99 with no contract or set-up fees. They focus on core business concepts that are most beneficial to businesses - the ability to keep existing phone numbers, unlimited calling, and plug & play setup. They are also one of the best reviewed hosted PBX providers at

Hosted PBX is the perfect solution for a business of any size in need of an affordable and robust phone system. The companies listed above are the best of the best and deserve consideration when making the transition to hosted PBX. Companies interested in comparing business VoIP providers can do so here:

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