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The Top 5 Wholesale VoIP Providers for 2014, Ranked by

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Sep 2, 2014) - With VoIP services rising in popularity every day, businesses are searching for reliable wholesale VoIP providers through which they can increase their sales potential. has released its list of the top five wholesale VoIP providers for 2014. The specialists there ranked the providers using a wide variety of factors such as features, benefits, consumer reviews, expert opinions, pricing and more. New and existing businesses that want to switch to reliable wholesale VoIP providers can seek assistance from any of these companies with confidence. The following are the top five wholesale VoIP providers for 2014, ranked by

VoIP Innovations

VoIP Innovations is a premium provider that delivers DID to more than 60 countries all over the world. Its plans allow customers to add additional features such as 411 access, text messaging, faxing, caller ID, call forwarding, conference call, E911, alert services and a wealth of additional features. Customers can customize their packages and choose price plans that operate on either a per minute basis or a per call basis. Additionally, initial consultation with a specialist is free. Therefore, interested parties can speak with someone about the plans that would best suit their organizations.


VOXOX has everything that a VoIP reseller would need to satisfy its residential and business customers. The company offers Android and iOS applications that provide a wealth of features to users. Some of the features that users can receive from the service are free calls, free chat and cheap international calls. Users can call free to other VOXOX users across the globe. Additionally, the company provides hosted PBX services, low-rate SIP trunks, cloud phone services and a comprehensive package of enterprise level service. VOXOX was rated highly because of its versatility and the quality of its products.


Conexiant is popular because of the speed in which a new user can start using services. A business owner can setup conexiant service within minutes, and that person can choose from a wide variety of beneficial features. Conexiant offers such services as VoIP termination, SIP services, call center routes, short-duration calling, E911, fax support, dialers and more. Their prices are pleasantly affordable, as well. The $7.88 per month DID service includes features such as two channels, call bursting, and unlimited inbound calls. Additionally, business owners can obtain toll-free numbers for their customers' convenience.


nexVortex is a premium provider that offers bring-your-own-broadband services. The company uses SIP trunking to deliver superior services to medium and small businesses. nexVortex is a step above other providers because it offers high-quality voice services along with superior customer service and access to national phone number access. Customer service is one of the most important aspects of reliable wholesales VoIP providers. Therefore, nexVortex is on the top of the list for companies that a prospective reseller should consider.


VoiceBuy is a provider that promises high discounts, premium services, and multiple solutions. The company offers free PBX services along with a wealth of other features such as mobile dialers, SIP trunking, switch partitioning, and an amazing VoIP reseller program. The reseller program allows businesses to build their own special networks that can save their companies up to 90 percent off their regular phone bills. Such high savings can be a crucial benefactor to a business that is trying to expand its profits. Additionally, VoiceBuy offers a line of billing features that include such items as call back, PC to phone services and pinless access.

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