SOURCE: Powder Lines; Sean Busby

June 01, 2012 17:15 ET

The Travel Queen Launches Green Adventure Expedition

Traversing Over 6,000 Miles in the Most Remote Regions of North America; Team Member Sean Busby Raises Awareness of Type 1 Diabetes With Backcountry Snowboarding

FOUNTAIN GREEN, UT--(Marketwire - Jun 1, 2012) - The Travel Queen (The TQ) begins its maiden voyage this week, heading from Utah to Alaska and back, travelling over 6,000 miles while making stops at various skiing and snowboarding back-country terrain in Wyoming, Montana, Canada and Alaska.

The expedition team embarking on this great adventure consists of a professional backcountry snowboarder, a professional photographer, a journalist/blogger and a sustainable living expert. They are fulfilling their dream to create an alternative fuel and solar energy powered vehicle (the TQ) to take them on this fantastic voyage promoting eco-friendly education. The TQ is a 1977 remodeled Travel Queen motor home with a converted, fully functional, alternatively-fueled 1990 Dodge Cummins diesel engine that also utilizes solar power.

The TQ team will be promoting alternative and eco-friendly adventure education to children across North America via satellite phone calls and presentations. One TQ member, professional snowboarder Sean Busby, will also be managing his Type 1 diabetes on the journey and hopes to inspire others not to let diabetes get in the way of their dreams. Busby will be wearing the OmniPod® Insulin Management System while snowboarding some of the most treacherous and remote terrains on the journey.

"We hope to inspire people to make sustainable choices, even while facing challenges like managing diabetes," said Busby. "During and after the tour, our journey and my snowboarding expeditions will be shared via satellite phone calls and presentations with children all across North America. I love nothing more than being able to pursue my dreams and show others how they can too."

The TQ will be stopping at the following locations: Yellowstone National Park; Kalispell, Montana; Calgary, Alberta; Whitehorse, Yukon; and Anchorage, Alaska. The team will be visiting children's groups across North America to explain green travel techniques and discuss various wildlife and terrain found on the expedition. They will also be stopping to visit with local chapters of diabetes advocacy organizations.

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