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November 20, 2015 16:57 ET

The Venus Factor Reviews - Real Truth Revealed

The Venus Factor: John Barban's Weight Loss Guide for Women Has Recently Been Creating A Lot of Hype in the Health and Fitness Industry; Laura Kelly Shares Some Important Information on Venus Factor Every Women Must Know

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - November 20, 2015) - The Venus Factor by John Barban stations around restoring leptin sensitivity and overcoming resistance for fat loss to healthy levels for all time. It includes changes such as switching to a healthy eating plan with ingredients that feature a combination of proteins and healthy fats for breakfast, getting enough exercise and minifying or driving out refined sugars, fructose and starches.

Laura Kelly From Healthy Nutrition Examines The Venus Factor Program by John Barban

According to Laura, "John Barban, who is a nutrition expert and conditioning coach at the University of Guelph has extensive experience in power lifting training. He has developed a weight-control program for women named 'The Venus Factor' which addresses each individual woman's needs. As each woman is different, the nutritional plan is designed custom to the individual."

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"This plan is designed for women who want to lose weight or women who are getting ready for fitness competition and everything in between. Each one of them is going to get results with this customized nutritional plan, John Barban claims. He also claims that women can expect to hit their goals faster than they ever thought possible. It does not matter whether their goal is to cast off 80lbs, knock out a stubborn belly fat or put on 10 pounds of lean muscle. Moreover, it shows women food group targets, what and how much to eat within their calorie allowance."

This food plan is personalized based on a woman's age, body type, fitness level, weight, height and physical activity level. A worksheet is also available to help them keep track. In addition to this, it includes guidelines for the foods they will eat daily, meal plans that are easy to follow, calorie guides and some useful information on nutrition. Using women's preferences, The Venus Factor only shows them information that is suited to their weight loss goals and their weekly planner accumulates all of the measures and preparedness that goes into a successful diet, John explains.

Laura Kelly Explains How Leptin Plays An Important Role In Weight-Control

According to her, "As far as the diet part is concerned, the oddity stations around the leptin hormone. Leptin plays an important role in metabolism, appetite control and weight-control. It is the body's natural weight control mechanism. It lets a woman's brain know how much fat is in their body. As leptin levels upsurge, their appetite slackens."

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"As leptin levels subside, their appetite ascents. Also, it manages the rate of fat breakdown. As leptin levels upswing, a woman's metabolic rate steps-up. As leptin levels subside, their metabolic rate decelerates. However, women do not respond to the leptin signals to the brain as greatly as men do so their hunger management is negatively affected on keeping a low body fat."

When asked about the purpose of this guidebook, Laura states, "The goal of The Venus Factor is to make leptin work properly and help women cast off unwanted stubborn pounds, John Barban claims. This fitness program stations around restoring leptin sensitivity and overcoming resistance as the foundation for fat loss to healthy levels for all time. Leptin levels are also tied up to insulin levels and too much leptin is as bad as high insulin thresholds with all the health issues linked with it.

Additionally, this program includes changes such as switching to a healthy eating plan with ingredients that feature a combination of proteins and healthy fats for breakfast, getting enough exercise and minifying or driving out refined sugars, fructose and starches. Not only will women feel better and look better and find the pounds unloading almost effortlessly but they will also stop craving unhealthy foods, the creator claims."

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The Venus Factor consists of a workout manual which extends till twelve weeks and covers different phases. It contains easy to perform exercises which stimulate the activity of fat-burning enzymes. The hormone leptin also stimulates these enzymes which can increase a woman's metabolic rate even when they are not exercising. This is important because for most women, the resting metabolic rate accounts for two-thirds of the total number of calories they burn every single day.

According to John Barban, these exercises will work wonders for women's belly, inner thighs, hips and shoulders, plus the manual also contains tips on how to add them into women's daily workout routine. Some of these exercises are focused on lifting weights and some of them are based on cardiovascular exercises. These exercises work the whole body, burning a considerable amount of calories as well as sculpting the inner thighs.

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John recommends women to incorporate these easy to perform exercises into their daily routine to burn more calories in a shorter amount of time, as opposed to long, slow endurance exercises. In addition, the workout manual also consists of exercises that are used for toning the back of shoulders and triceps. Women can use light weights and perform a high number of reps for these exercises. However, there is no need for special workout tools or instruments as each exercise can be carried through either at the gym or at home.

To conclude her Venus Factor review, Laura says, "The Venus Factor contains an online forum with easy access to community members and professional support staff who can provide free reviews of users progress towards the body-type they are aiming for. Women will see that support from fellow users can be an important part of coming through their weight and body shape goals, John Barban claims. The membership is offered to users so that they can always have the support of other fellow users who are also trying to shed off excessive pounds and are in a similar situation.

Only private online members are allowed to access to The Venus Factor Community, where they can catch up and connect with other members who have been traveling along this fitness program. John Barban has put up a 60 day money back refund policy only if this eBook is purchased from its official website which is given below. In case if women are not content with the results it delivers, they have 2 months to ask for a refund."

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