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August 20, 2007 08:00 ET

The Von Bondies Complete New Album

NYC Club Show Confirmed!

BURBANK, CA--(Marketwire - August 20, 2007) - At long last, we're pleased to announce the long-awaited return of THE VON BONDIES. The new album titled, "LOVE, HATE AND THEN THERE'S YOU," was recorded in multiple cities, produced by Rick Parker (BRMC), Peter Katis (Interpol) & Butch Walker (Hot Hot Heat), and written by singer/songwriter/guitarist Jason Stollsteimer. Complete album details, credits and release date will be revealed shortly and advance music is expected later this year. Look for an early 2008 street date. "LOVE, HATE AND THEN THERE'S YOU" is The Von Bondies' third studio album, their second for Sire Records, and the first new recordings since March 2004's critically-acclaimed "PAWN SHOPPE HEART," which featured the single, "C'mon C'mon." Without giving too much away, we can predict that the new album will surprise everyone. Suffice to say, it's very melodic, lots of guitars, and sounds almost nothing like "PAWN SHOPPE HEART" or "LACK OF COMMUNICATION." There's also a new line-up as well.

If you happen to be in New York City on Friday, September 7, you can catch The Von Bondies at The Mercury Lounge. Tickets go on sale August 10. Here to tell you all about it is suave drummer Don Blum. Take it away, Don!

"Hey, everybody, its Don Blum... The Don Blum who drums for The Von Bondies... Yes, that Don Blum. You know, the most fantastic thing about my name is that it sounds like an actual drum fill when you say it forcefully and don't hold out the vowels. But it also sounds like a light spring rain if you whisper it and hold out the vowels as long as you can. But don't take my word for it: Try it for yourself... See? Now try it with the name 'Jason Stollsteimer.'

"Anyway, the real reason I'm writing is to update you on what's been going on with us. Real quickly: New record finished. Out in early 2008. We're proud of it. But we haven't had a chance to play a show in quite a while. Sure, a proper nationwide tour is in the works for later to support the new record, but we wanted to get out and play at least one show sooner than that.

"So we've set up a special New York City show for Friday, September 7 at the Mercury Lounge on Houston Street. It'll be an early show, which means we play at 8:30pm sharp. It'll be a chance for you to get reacquainted with us and hear some of our new material. You also get the chance to ask us questions, such as, 'How have you been, Don Blum?' and 'Don Blum, we really like you!' and 'Don Blum! Don Blum! Don Blum!' Spock out."


Jason Stollsteimer - vocals, guitar
Don Blum - drums
Alicia Gbur - keyboards
Matt Lannoo - guitar
Leann Banks - bass

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