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May 18, 2010 15:34 ET

The Weather Is Getting Warmer, Don't Let Discomfort Slow You Down

U.S. Launch of Lanacane™ Anti-Chafing Gel Gives Men and Women a New Weapon in the Fight Against a Common Skin Irritation

WHITE PLAINS, NY--(Marketwire - May 18, 2010) -  The temperatures are starting to rise and before you know it, you'll soon find yourself re-visiting the sandals and sunscreen... as well as more routine physical activities! Did you know that as the temperatures increase, so do your chances of experiencing sore, raw skin due to chafing? According to a recent survey commissioned by Combe, Inc., the maker of Lanacane™ Anti-Chafing Gel, nearly 33 million adults experienced chafing in the past year.(1)

And women, in particular, can't afford to throw in the towel because of this common skin irritation this summer. A study recently published in the Journal of the American Medical Association(2) shows middle aged women need at least an hour of moderate activity a day to keep the extra pounds from piling on as they get older. (And those who are overweight need even more activity to avoid gaining more weight.)

The good news is:

Just in time for all your warm-weather activities, Lanacane™ Anti-Chafing Gel is now available in the United States. The non-greasy, moisture-proof gel dries clear on contact and provides long-lasting chafing prevention without staining your clothes.

"Whether you're working out or just walking around town doing errands, men and women can both experience chafing," said Jim Healy, Marketing Director for Lanacane®. "Even kids can experience chafing playing sports, swimming or just enjoying some time on the playground."

In fact, the Combe, Inc. survey found among adults with chafing, 62% have it between their thighs. Overall, 54% of those who chafe are men while 46% of sufferers are women. As for specific trouble spots, more women than men reported chafing under the breast or chest, while men were more likely to report chafing under their arms.

"We're thrilled this unique anti-friction formula is now available in the United States," said Healy. "It marks the latest in a line of formulas aimed at helping people feel more comfortable and find relief from everyday skin problems."

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1. U.S. Chafing Incidence Study, March 2009
2. Journal of the American Medical Association, March 24, 2010

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