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May 06, 2008 13:06 ET

The Weather Network/MeteoMedia Extends Distribution of Provincial Alerts

Provincial Alerts for Ontario now accessible on web, email, mobile web & sms

OAKVILLE, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - May 6, 2008) - Pelmorex Media Inc., parent company of The Weather Network/MeteoMedia is extending its All Channel Alert™ emergency alerting services to display warnings from participating provinces on its websites and through its email and text messaging services. The distribution of provincial alerts is already offered on The Weather Network and MeteoMedia specialty television channels in New Brunswick, Ontario and Quebec. This expanded service allows provincial authorities to reach a much broader audience more quickly when there are situations of imminent threat to life, such as those caused by forest fires, toxic spills, floods and other disasters.

"Television audiences have become familiar with the red scrolling banner we use to broadcast Environment Canada weather warnings," said Paul Temple, Senior Vice President of Strategic and Regulatory Affairs at Pelmorex Media Inc.. "Now this same banner will appear on our website, including the mobile versions for cell phones while the alerts will also be sent through our email and text messaging services."

The Weather Network and MeteoMedia are among the most visited websites in Canada, with an average of 42 million visits each month. In addition, Pelmorex Media Inc. issues over 200,000 emails and text messages daily to Canadians who subscribe to its services. "This gives provincial authorities a powerful new tool to reach people in times of danger," Temple added.

Cell phone users can receive alerts by signing up for the WarningsDirect text message service at To receive email alerts visit the "Weather Centre" at People who already subscribe to the WarningsDirect service will automatically receive provincial alerts as part of their service. People visiting our PC-based websites and viewing weather information on a community affected by a warning will automatically see the warning crawl across their web page.

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