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February 28, 2008 18:28 ET

The Weather Network's Spring Outlook

Near Normal Temperatures to Dominate the Country

OAKVILLE, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Feb. 28, 2008) - Canadians anxious for warmer weather will have to settle for a gradual warm-up to spring in most of the country. After a return to a normal Canadian winter for many areas, temperatures in March will start off slightly cooler for most of the country and balance out to near normal by the end of the season.

Residents of all three Territories can expect below average precipitation this spring while those living in the Great Lakes region will have higher than average precipitation levels.

"The winter months for Western Canada were colder and drier than normal, with just the opposite conditions in Eastern Canada," said meteorologist Jose Varela of The Weather Network. "Early spring temperatures for much of the country will be below normal, but by late spring, temperatures will balance out."

Following is a look at what Canadians can expect this spring:

- Residents of north coastal areas of British Columbia can expect a near normal spring, while, those in Northeastern and Southwestern regions of the province will experience below normal temperatures. Residents of Southeastern British Columbia will have above normal precipitation. The above normal precipitation will help to extend the ski and snowboard season in resort areas of the province.

- Central and southern areas of the Prairie Provinces can look forward to a near normal spring, while below normal temperatures and precipitation will dominate the northern regions. Above normal precipitation is forecasted for Southern Manitoba and extreme Southwestern Alberta.

- Overall for residents of Ontario and Quebec the season will end with near normal temperatures with the exception of Northern Quebec, where temperatures are expected to be below normal. Precipitation will be above normal for the southern half of Ontario and below normal for extreme Northern Quebec. The snow pack is expected to melt gradually, meaning less concern for flooding.

- Precipitation levels this spring will be near normal for Atlantic Canada. Temperatures will also be near normal for most of the region with only Northern Labrador experiencing below normal temperatures.

- It is a portrait of extremes in Canada's north with drier and cooler than normal conditions dominating the area.

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The Weather Network's Spring 2008 Forecast

Region Temperature outlook Precipitation outlook

British Columbia Slightly below normal in Above normal in the interior.
central, south coastal Near normal elsewhere.
and northeast portions
of the province. Near
normal elsewhere.
Alberta Below normal in northern Near normal throughout most of
regions of the province. the province.
Near normal
Saskatchewan Below normal in northern Below normal in northern parts
regions of the province. of the province. Near
Near normal elsewhere. normal elsewhere.
Manitoba Below normal in northern Below normal in northern parts
regions of the province. of the province. Above normal
Near normal elsewhere. for southern areas of the
province. Near normal
Ontario Near normal across the Expect wetter than normal
province. conditions around the Great
Lakes region. Near normal
Quebec Near normal across most Near normal across most of the
of the province except province except the north
for northern regions where it should be slightly
which will be below drier than normal.
Atlantic Canada Near normal across the Near normal across the region.
Yukon, Northwest Below normal across most Below normal across the
Territories, of the Northwest region.
Nunavut Territories and
Southern Nunavut.
Southeastern areas of
Yukon will be below

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