NeuroGym Technologies

NeuroGym Technologies

April 11, 2011 07:30 ET

The Wheelchair That Turns Into a Gym

NeuroGym Exercise Wheelchair enables users to improve motor skills critical for day to day functions

OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - April 11, 2011) -

In North America, approximately 3 million people use wheel chairs. Approximately 50% of people living in institutions use wheelchairs. For most of these individuals performing tasks such as getting in and out of bed represents a challenge. The opportunity to engage in any sort of effective exercise to improve this function is limited. While some people may have the ability to stand and transfer to and from the wheelchair, even this ability declines with the many hours spent sitting. Imagine if that basic form of transportation, the wheelchair, could be transformed into a mini-gym, enabling people to exercise in their chair to improve strength, range of motion, cardiovascular fitness and mental health.

The NeuroGym Exercise Wheelchair does just that.

NeuroGym Technologies today announced the launch of The Exercise Wheelchair, the latest in its line of mobility training equipment. While there have been evolutionary changes in wheelchairs over the years, this is the first time a manufacturer has been able to turn a standard wheelchair into an effective gym. The patented Exercise Wheelchair enables most wheelchair users to easily exercise the trunk and lower limbs, thereby improving motor skills critical for day to day functions.

Trunk and lower extremity strength and control is vital to maintaining functional independence for actions such as turning over in bed, sitting up and transferring from the wheelchair. Specifically designed by a physiotherapist to allow for important strengthening, control and active range of motion exercises, the Exercise Wheelchair is an ideal way to improve the function of these key muscle groups.

The seat and backrest turn into a variable resistance flexion and extension machine for the trunk. The special leg exercise apparatus, which is stored under the seat, pulls out smoothly for use in exercise and folds back up easily so that it does not interfere with standard use of the wheelchair.

"My ability to roll over in bed has improved greatly after training in the Exercise Wheelchair" Laurie an individual with MS in Ottawa.

Training in the Exercise Wheelchair allows for gradual increase in intensity and amplitude of motion, making it an excellent tool for cardiovascular endurance training as well. The Exercise Wheelchair can be used as a standard wheelchair as well as an exercise chair for wheelchair bound individuals. It is suitable for use in long term care and nursing facilities, hospitals, rehabilitation centers and at home.

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NeuroGym Technologies Inc. manufactures unique mobility training equipment that can improve functional independence for people with mobility issues. The equipment targets and improves the underlying motor skills critical for day to day functions such as transfers, standing and walking. The equipment allows for safe dynamic balance training for falls prevention, as well as transfer training to improve a user's ability to transfer more safely.

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