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Comora Products Inc.

November 16, 2010 12:59 ET

The "Wonderbar" of Skin Care-More Moor, More Moisturizer, More Moisture

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Nov. 16, 2010) - The Real Estate Industry uses the 3 "L's" – Location, Location, Location. Skin Health, as promoted by Comora Products Inc believes in the 3 "M's" – Moor, Moisturizer, Moisture. A program involving these three items will immeasurably decrease the aging process and enable the skin cells to metabolise effectively and function to their maximum.


There are three types of Moor of which Comora uses the deep or "tiefen Moor. This is the rarest of the moors and is known to be the most beneficial for therapeutic and cosmetic use. Tiefen moor was made thousands of years ago from the decaying of many different plants. During the "ripening" process it was covered by layers of clay which kept out environmental toxins and also allowed for anaerobic metabolism to take place. The difference between this black substance and other competing "muds" is that it also contains hundreds of healing, detoxifying and beautifying ingredients from the herbs and other plants as it ripened over the millennia. Tiefen Moor is the subject of considerable ongoing scientific research in Austria. One interesting group of ingredients are the humic acids that complex with many essential minerals making them more bio-available. A paradoxical effect of these acids is that they also function as chelating agents for heavy metals and thus help to detoxify the skin.


These also come in three types – good, not so good and bad! The skin cells need a high quality moisturizer to function effectively and this is particularly true in the case of the face. Cheap ones, that are full of chemicals, work against the detoxifying properties of the tiefen Moor and probably only serve to moisturize the top layer of skin – the epidermis. There is certainly a trend towards using herbal products and those that are 100% natural. The most important factor is to find a high quality moisturizer that compliments the other skin health products that one uses. The debate rages on as to whether moisturizers should be 100% natural and the inclusion of herbal products is necessary, beneficial or just "in vogue". However, herbal beauty products have been used for centuries and the evidence in the literature supports that such products aid in producing a healthy complexion and that they have cleansing, healing and protective qualities.


There is no doubt that drinking water is good. However, what water should we drink and how much? At a recent seminar we attended it was suggested that humans should drink 6L a day!! Most experts recommend 1 to 1.5 litres a day. What water should we drink? Tap water, bottled spring water, filtered water, reverse osmosis water, water treated in a magnetic field, distilled water, sparkling water, others? Whatever water one drinks it is clear that we do not need to throw away millions of plastic bottles daily and there is certainly little or no evidence to suggest that expensive, imported bottled water is better for the body than cheaper water prepared locally. The reader is encouraged to review the literature on water treated in a magnetic field. If the claims can be believed, the right magnetic field will slightly alter the structure of the water molecule enabling it to be absorbed by cells more effectively thus increasing the passage of nutrients into cells and metabolic waste out – in other words better cell nutrition associated with detoxification.

Our skin certainly needs us to drink to provide the cells with moisture. The public needs to assess which elements they want to remain in the water – all removed by distillation or reverse osmosis - and the effect on the environment of which source of water they choose to hydrate their body.

Comora Products Inc does not supply drinking water but it does offer a facial bar that contains tiefen Moor and an algae extract, with high moisturizing qualities, that are suspended in a base that enables the active ingredients to penetrate to the lowest level of the skin – the hypodermis. All the ingredients are obtained from Europe and are subject to the highest level of Quality Control. The company offers a complimentary line of moisturizers and serum that are 100% natural. The facial bar and the moisturizers make an excellent "system approach" to good skin health. The oil based moisturizer is recommended for use at night whereas the water based moisturizers, with or without SPF, are for the day time or those people who cannot use an oil-based moisturizer. The serum is used on a less frequent basis or on an as needed basis.

Comora Products Inc. promotes skin health over skin care. Our products are not tested on animals nor do we use ingredients of animal origin.

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