August 17, 2011 11:30 ET -- Finally, Greeting Cards Exclusively for the LGBT Community, Their Family and Friends

PHILADELPHIA, PA--(Marketwire - Aug 17, 2011) - Tracy McKay, a professional Interior Designer and artist, has been creating greeting cards for friends and loved ones since childhood. Sharing in the frustration caused by the lack of readily available greeting cards for the Gay and Lesbian market, she recently launched, an online shop offering print-at-home and pre-printed greeting cards for all occasions and exclusively for the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) community. Ranging from humorous to romantic, her line of cards is smart and tasteful enough to pass "The Mom Test."

"I wanted to create an online community where gay cards were easy to shop for and purchase, but had a more artistic and heartfelt tone than the ones I was able to find, when I could find them, in the chain stores," said Tracy.

Aside from major metropolitan areas populated by gays and lesbians, finding LGBT cards in stores can be near impossible, a difficultly for family and friends wishing to send cards to loved ones.

"Just imagine the trouble a mother in a small Mid-Western town would have trying to find a card to send her gay son and his new husband in New York City," said Tracy. "That's exactly why I created -- to rekindle and preserve the tradition of card sending in this community."

She feels the lack of LGBT card retailers amplifies the feelings of isolation and detachment from society that many in the gay community express.

According to Tracy, "Before, the options in most areas were to either heavily modify some generic store-bought card, or just not send one at all. By ignoring the LGBT card market retailers are sending the message, even if not intentional, that you, being gay, are somehow different and don't fit in. I believe that if can help brighten someone's life for just a moment, then we have done well."

The shop is easy to use. Simply select a card and have it shipped to your door, or download the file, hit print, and give it one fold. A decent printer with a quality ink cartridge is all that is needed- even scissors are not required. More on and their vast selection of cards can be found on their website, or you can connect with them via Facebook and Twitter.

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