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Therapeutic Solutions International, Inc.

April 11, 2016 09:00 ET

Therapeutic Solutions International's Subsidiary MolecuVax, Inc. to Initiate Cancer Immunotherapy Clinical Trial Aimed at Eradicating Cancer Stem Cells Using MVAX-001

OCEANSIDE, CA--(Marketwired - April 11, 2016) - Therapeutic Solutions International, Inc., (OTC PINK: TSOI) announced today the signing of an agreement between its subsidiary, MolecuVax, Inc., (MVAX) and the Pan Am Cancer Treatment Center covering production and clinical implementation of a novel cancer immunotherapy based around MVAX's proprietary Brother of the Regulator of Imprinted Sites (BORIS) peptide/exosome technology. 

In November of last year, the Company filed a patent on technologies covering novel means of stimulating the immune system to kill cancer using naturally made nanoparticles termed "exosomes"1, which was subsequently licensed to MVAX2. In contrast to previous exosome-based cancer therapeutic approaches, the strategy being pursued by MVAX involves focusing the immune system to attack the protein BORIS, which is selectively found on cancer stem cells3.

"BORIS represents a unique target in the fight against cancer because it is only found on cancer cells and not healthy tissues. Additionally, because it is selectively found on cancer stem cells, we possess the possibility of inducing an immune response that would strike cancer at its roots, which are the cancer stem cells," said Timothy Dixon, President and CEO of TSOI. "By leveraging dendritic cell technology to generate BORIS-expressing exosomes in vivo, we believe the current therapeutic approach possesses a possibility of inducing a potent and selective immune response against cancer."

The Pan Am Cancer Treatment Center is a clinical research and treatment facility, which has been offering dendritic cell therapy for treatment of cancer patients. The current collaboration will leverage existing cellular therapy manufacturing expertise to develop, and clinically apply, the BORIS-peptide loaded dendritic cell therapy to patients. 

"We are eager to offer this new form of cancer immunotherapy to our patients, many of which who do not have any treatment options available," said Dr. Javier Lopez, Chief Executive Officer of the Pan American Cancer Treatment Center. "By working with internationally renowned experts, such as the Scientific Advisory Board of Therapeutic Solutions International, we will strive to provide the most advanced immunotherapy for our patients."

"I was honored to have co-authored three of the scientific peer reviewed papers demonstrating efficacy of BORIS-targeting immunotherapy in animal models, some of the papers together with scientists from the National Institutes of Health4,5,6. It is a major accomplishment that this science is now being translated to treatments for patients," stated Thomas Ichim, Ph.D, Board Member of TSOI. "The importance of BORIS is difficult to overstate, not only is it a marker that is found on cancer stem cells, but when the protein is blocked from expressing by using gene silencing, we have previously published that cancer cells die7. Accordingly, there is a possibility that it will be difficult for tumors to become resistant to BORIS-based immunotherapies." 

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