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January 31, 2007 08:30 ET

These Sexy Housewives Are Definitely Not Desperate

There's a New Site in Town and She's Got Kids!

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- January 31, 2007 -- Desperate housewives step aside. Make way for the new domestic icon: the MILPH -- Mothers in Life, Passion and Health. These beautiful moms populate a new website,, which launches today, as does a worldwide MILPH SEARCH for beautiful, passionate, fit mothers who want to be considered MILPH World models.

Founded by a 35-year-old San Francisco Bay Area model and actress, Amy Deming, wife and the mother of three, showcases a couple dozen moms, including Deming. They embody a post-feminist, post-Supermom woman who is not shy about being sexy, brainy and relevant -- most likely every man's dream wife.

The MILPH World website, while targeting the 18 to late 40ish male, also aims to encourage mothers to embrace their innate beauty and to enhance their health and passions in life, according to Deming. In challenging an outmoded societal view she asks, "Where does it say that once a woman has children, she's no longer desirable? Indeed, our MILPH models are the new role models for the sexy wife that meets and exceeds men's fantasies."

For those in the know, MILPH is a play on the raunchy MILF acronym popular among the porn-surfing set. Those letters stand for "Mothers I'd Like to… "; you can fill in the blank. Deming's version projects a nurturer by day and seductress by night. This woman's allure comes from a healthy lifestyle, engaged in the non-contradictory pursuits of taking care of herself as well as her children. She's a babe with babies; a self-confident, hot housewife who allows no desperation to tarnish her life.

One section of the site sure to keep humming is "MILPH Search," an online contest that encourages visitors worldwide to submit a photo of their favorite prospective MILPH. The winner gets an opportunity to model for the 2008 calendar and a national tour to show the country how seductive a mom can be. Contest details are available online.

What started out as a journey to regain Deming's pre-pregnancy self-image, has morphed into a publishing and web-based business that includes a classily photographed calendar (featuring Baywatch original Angelica Bridges), MILPH-branded merchandise, advice columns, book and entertainment reviews, "Men's Must Haves," lifestyle Q & As, communication between the sexes, fashion tips, MILPH of the Month voting and more.

A "Members Only" section for men offers even racier (though no nudity) images and streaming videos of the MILPH models. A "For MILPHs Only" section provides women with tips and advice on how to achieve the MILPH look and feel. Keeping the male-female equilibrium is a balancing act that Deming and her web content team handle adroitly.

Whether you're a MILPH lover, a full-fledged MILPH or a MILPH-in-the-making, one thing's certain; the MILPH will give men and women a whole new image of motherhood. "It's a new year," says Deming, "and we've already come a long way from yesterday's desperate housewives."

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