April 12, 2013 03:50 ET Adds a Live Sports Betting Odds Feed has made another addition to their popular sports betting website by adding a live odds feed for the top sportsbooks.

TORONTO, CANADA--(Marketwired - April 12, 2013) - Sports betting website has made another addition to their website by adding a live betting odds feed. This live feed will display the betting odds for the major North American sport leagues across 4 of the most popular sportsbooks.

Sports enthusiasts can visit the Live Odds page and compare odds for the different games being played on that day. There are tabs along the top of the feed that allows users to choose between NHL, NBA, MLB, and NCAAB. While NCAAF and NFL odds are to be added in the Fall. Users can then select whether they would like to view the spread odds, money line or even the odds listed for the game total. Two types of odds are displayed, with American Odds set as the default and Decimal Odds also listed. spokesperson Kevin McClelland talked about the importance of comparing betting odds "As we strive to be a leader in sports betting education we thought it was very important to incorporate a live betting odds feed on our website. Comparing the different odds offered on a sporting event is extremely important if you want a chance at 'beating the bookies'. The difference between -105 and -115 can equal thousands of dollars in a sports bettor's pocket over the course of a season." He added "You would be surprised at how much the odds can vary from sportsbook to sportsbook for some events".

Although sportsbooks rely on each other for setting their odds they will ultimately have their own odds listed depending on what type of action they are receiving. If they are receiving a lot of money bet on one side of a game the odds will reflect that as they move the odds.

McClelland added "To give you an example of how much money some bettors are leaving on the table by not using a live odds feed to compare odds we will take a look at someone making 1000 $100 bets over the course of the year. If he or she were to win 55% of their wagers at -110 odds they would profit $5,050. If they used a live odds feed to compare odds and placed those wagers at -105 odds they would profit $7,250. A difference of $2,200 in profits over the year."

Along with the new live odds feed, has recently added a sports betting calculator that allows users to convert American Odds into Decimal Odds or Fractional Odds, and a No-Vig Calculator that shows bettors what the true odds of each wager would be without the sportsbooks commission calculated into the betting lines.

With more analytics and statistics available online the sports betting industry has come a long way with what is offered out there. It is recommended that sports fans looking to bet on the events use these tools to help increase your edge.

About started off as an educational sports betting website that taught beginners how to bet on different sporting events or leagues in 2008. It has since grown to become one of the more popular sports betting websites offering advanced betting strategies, daily tips and picks in their blog, reviews of sports betting websites, and of course sports betting tools including their new live odds feed.