March 26, 2010 11:24 ET

TheStockAlarm Investment Stock Report Tracks Must Watch Stocks: Citigroup Inc., Flagstar Bancorp Inc., Consol Energy Inc., Bank of America Corp.

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA--(Marketwire - March 26, 2010) - TheStockAlarm exclusive source for micro cap and big board research, provides wide-ranging due diligence and insight on stocks all over the market. TheStockAlarm Investment Stock Reports primary focus is to alert our valued subscribers to small cap and micro cap companies poised for explosive movement in the market. Timing in the market is crucial! To receive our Exclusive newsletter, please visit

TheStockAlarm Alerts Friday's Big Board Stocks To Watch: Citigroup Inc.(C), Flagstar Bancorp Inc.(FBC), Consol Energy Inc.(CNX), Bank of America Corp.

At TheStockAlarm we believe nothing speaks louder than the success of our subscribers. Sure we focus on micro cap and small cap companies, but in today's markets you need to be versatile. That's why our team at TheStockAlarm track the hottest stocks all over the market in order to keep our subscribers tuned in. We work diligently to provide all investors large or small an opportunity to track stocks with the potential to bring big profits. Many of the newsletters we follow talk a big game, at TheStockAlarm we let our research do the talking. We seek to find micro cap and small companies that have the potential to add extreme value and explosive profits to investors. To join our FREE newsletter please visit:

TheStockAlarm is one of the market's most reliable micro cap research providers. TheStockAlarm alerts investors to promising small cap companies that are based on strong fundamentals, many of which are overlooked by your run of the mill Wall Street investment advisor. At TheStockAlarm we realize it is much easier to find a stock that can go from $.01 – $1.00 in days than it is to find a stock that can go from $1.00 - $100.00. TheStockAlarm provides its subscribers with comprehensive public information and due diligence for small companies with huge potential. For more information and to become a subscriber, please visit:

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